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Beyonce Net Worth (Singer – Actress)

Beyonce Net Worth Beyonce is a most famous personality of America; she is a singer, performer, songwriter, and actress. Beyonce was born on 4 Sep 1981 when she was born; Beyonce’s mother gives her name Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. In 1990’s she has raised the fame as lead singer of the R and B-girl group. Beyonce Net Worth is $355 million. Beyonce was performed singing and dancing when she was a child. She has released her first debut album on 2001 and her album name is Austin Powers in Gold member. She has sold her 110 million records worldwide, making her one of the best music artists. She became the highest paid black musician in history in the year of 2014 and was listed among many times in 100 most influential people in the world for the second year in a row. She has also awarded in the MTV Video Music Awards, with 25 times, including the Vanguard Award.

Beyonce Early Life

Beyonce’s born place in Houston, Texas, to Celestine Tina Knowles. Her younger sister name is Solange and she has also a famous singer and a former backup dancer. In 1990’s she has enrolled in Parker Elementary School, where she starts singing and dancing. When her age was eight years old, she and her best friend Kelly Rowland met LaTavia Roberson while at an audition for an all her best friends group. Her father resigned from his job to manage the group in the year 1995. Her friends began recording their debut album under an agreement in the year of 1996 with Sony music the Knowles family reunited, and she got a contract with Columbia Records. Beyonce Net Worth was very low in her early life and her father helps her in a hard time.

Beyonce net worth
Beyonce net worth

Beyonce Says That 20 things you don’t know about me

  1. Beyonce says that my some of the nicknames include Princess of pop, Bey, B, Queen B.
  2. In the year 2004, she has gone my first tour.
  3. She was named the world most beautiful woman on 11 Sep 2011 by people of magazine
  4. She has a visual album became the year’s female debut only 25 hours after its surprise launch and without any pre-promotion. She uses YouTube views service from The Marketing Heaven.
  5. She says that I have played the voice of Queen Tara in the new animated film epic.
  6. She has selected in MTV show as a hip opera based on the French opera Carmen, Beyonce Net Worth is $355 million.
  7. She has played in Austin Powers in Gold member as a bombshell.
  8. She has a first non-supermodel or non-athlete to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit.
  9. She has made a world history in Jan 2010, when she became the first female artist to win 9 Grammy’s Award in one time.
  10. When her age was 8 year she has met with future Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland in Chicago and she has joined a group of Girls Tyme.
  11. Currently Beyonce Net Worth is $355.3 million total.
  12. She says that my favorite movie is a Star is born
  13. On 4 April 2008, she has married with famous rapper Jay-Z
  14. She has made Guinness world record named the highest earning power of couple is $122 million.
  15. In just two days she became the youngest person to land on the Billboard chart, as she cried with Jay Z track Glory.
  16. She has the voice is categorized as a mezzo-soprano
  17. She established her cosmetology center at the nonprofit Phoenix.
  18. She says that I and my friend Fierce was created shyness stage in 2003 and performed together. She told Allure Magazine in 2010 that she no longer feels the need for a stage persona an stage persona’s last date is 23 June 2011.
  19. She has started her business with founded the house of Dereon clothing line with her mother and the name comes from grandmother Dereon, After the business stat, she has launched several fragrance lines including heat and pulse.
  20. She says that my sister also helps me with singing.

Beyonce Height Weight


Full name Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter
Short name B, B Queen, Beyonce
Beyonce Height 5. 65 and 169 cm
Beyonce Weight 138 pounds 63 kg
Chest 35
Waist 28 and 66 cm
Hips 39 (99 cm)
Bra size 32 cm
Shoe size 8.6 us / 39 us
Eye color Light Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Country American
Race Black
Religion Methodist
Father, er was the group manager
Mother Her mother is a housewife
Siblings , She has a one alder sister who has a famous singer and background dancer
Date of birth She was born on 4 Sep 1981
Profession She has a singer, songwriter, record producer and a famous actress
Age She has currently 32 years old
Birth Place Houston, texas, US
Sun sign Virgo
Hometown Houston
School St. Mary’s Elementary School
College Unknown
University Unknown
Debut 2001 A Hip hopera film

Album in 1997 Dangerously in love

TV Show Much Demand in 1997

Hobbies Singing, swimming, and writing
Ethnicity African, Spanish, lrish and French.
Favorite Color Pink and Gold
Favorite Music Michael Jackson and Cher
Favorite number 4
Favorite Food Creole food, Honey Nut Cheerious, and soul Food
Favorite Movie Her favorite movie is Sparkle, Star is born
Favorite TV show Jersey Shore
Beyonce Net worth Beyonce Net Worth is $355 million
Beyonce Husband Jay Z
Marital Status Married
Affairs/ Boyfriends Lyndell Locke on 1992 to 2003
Cars Mercedes Benz Slt Mclaren Rolly Silver Color
Beyonce Drink Yes
Smoke Yes
Father name Mathew Knowles
Her Mother name Joseph Broussard


Beyonce wealth

In the year 2008 Forbes magazine began reporting on her earning, calculating that the all $90 million earned between on June 2007 to 2008. In 2009 she and her husband made it into the previous year’s Guinness World Records as the highest earning power couple for collectively earning $122 million. Beyonce Net worth Wealth is $355 million. She and her husband placed at number one on the World best celebrity couples for collectively earning $90 million. She has made her wealth in MTV channel in the year of 2012. After MTV channel she has started her singing career and make her own brand with get together her school best friends, in the first year of music career earning was $54 million.

She has up her wealth career with music. Beyonce Net Worth with music is $221 million. The Billboard announced that Beyonce was the highest paid musician of 2016 end.  After the marriag,e she has worked with her husband and they make top songs and earn $97 million.

Beyonce Achievements

She has received many numerous awards. She has received six-time award and makesthe world record. She has sold 18 million albums in the US and over 100 million records worldwide making her one of the best selling music artists of all time. In the year 2016, she has made a fashion icon award in CFDA. She has won 22 Grammy Awards after the marriage. Beyonce Net Worth of her awards is $73 million. She has won MTV video music Award in the year of 2014. She has also won 25 MTV video awards, making her the most-awarded artist in Video Music Award History. She was nominated for best original songs for listening to the golden globe awards on 2015. In 2016 she has following her role in Dream girls. Beyonce Net Worth with Achievements is $231 million.

Beyonce Fashion Lines

Her mother helps her in the introduced house of Dereon, a contemporary women’s fashion line in the year of 2005. She teamed up with clothing store C and A to launch Dereon by Beyonce at their stores in Brazil on 27 May 2010. She has signed a deal with active wear line of clothing with British fashion retailer Top shop in Oct 2014. Starwave Mobile launched she Fashion Diva a high style mobile game with a social networking component in the year of 2008 with Shoe Company to produce a range of footwear for the house of dereon. Beyonce Net Worth with fashion line is $82 million. She and her mother launched a new junior apparel label in the year 2009.

Beyonce and Ja-Z

Beyonce Net Worth is $355 million a staggering $940 million. She and her husband Ja-Z are incredibly Benjamin-savvy and truly know how to make, and mange their total dollars. You think about this couple could’ve chosen to spend their entire summer on vacations. She also invested money in everything from real estate and earn money. Her husband Ja-Z has invested money in property and his earning is $88 million. The last week as a matter of facts she has made Forbes Americans Richest self-women. Beyonce Net Worth and her husband net worth is $900 million.

Beyonce net worth

Beyonce album and single sales

She is the biggest winner of the world when she comes in single sales having brought a home in $28 million in digital singles, while her boyfriend has earned just $25 million. She says that if you surprised to learn that Jay’s album sales exceed beys consider the interesting fact that his biggest hits came out well before digital streaming was rally the latest thing. Beyonce Net Worth with Album is $55 million.

What is Beyonce Net Worth?

All world has been feeling the power of The Carters She dropped their collaborative album; its name is everything is Love without so much as a heads up. Beyonce net worth is $355.2 million. According to all celebrity she and her husband earn a combined average of around $110 million per year from record sales merch and endorsement. Beyonce says that me and my husband with each individual’s revenue from touring and the facts that we both artist have sold over 110 million records.

Beyonce twins

Beyonce reveals an emergency C- section she giving birth to twins children and her children name are Rumi and Carter. She is a tight lipped when it comes to her private life but some few years later but she giving birth to her twin’s children. When she was given two children new life Beyonce Net Worth was $322 million. She says that I was two hundred pounds the day I gave birth to my babes, and I was swollen from toxemia and had been on bed rest for over a month. Her health was in danger so when she was in emergency C-section.

She said we I was spent many weeks in the NICU. She in survival mode and did not grasp it all until months later. She said in a show I have a connection to any parent who has been through such an experience. She has needed time to heal to recover the crazy in love singer added. I gave myself love and self-care and I embraced being curvier she explained. She and her husband welcomed their twins children into the world so here’s everything you need to know from genders to their names. She announced that she was pregnant with twins on facebook yes on social media in an extravagant photoshoot. In 21st centthe ury everyone welcomes to my children. Her pregnant picture was been liked over 12 million times and was the most liked photo on facebook. This is a very good question but unfortunately Beyonce and her husband known as a private power couple for nothing they did not tell anyone their children due date until after she had given birth.

Beyonce says that she was pregnant back in Feb and let’s says she was three months pregnant at that point. Beyonce Net Worth is $355 million.

 Beyonce net worth

Beyonce Net Worth by year

Year Beyonce Net Worth
2009 $123.6 million
2010 $134 million
2011 $230.1 million
2012 $232.8 million
2013 $259.6 million
2014 $297 million
2015 $302.6 million
2016 $320.2 million
2017 $322 million
2018 $355 million

Beyonce Interesting Facts

  1. Her favorite make up is mascara and she is allergic to hot perfume.
  2. She has four of her own fragrances heat, Beyonce pulse, and Heat Rushwith.
  3. Her name comes from her mothers name Beyonce.
  4. Whe her age was seven years old she was a soloist in her church’s choir.
  5. Her favorite ice-cream is butter pecan.
  6. She has won more than sixty tiem singing and dancing competitions as a child
  7. The name of destiny child comes from a passage in the Book of Isaiah
  8. Her favorite singer name is Stevie Wonder.
  9. Her first solo tour in dangerously love to tour that took place in the year of 2004
  10. When she several years of friendship she has dating with her husband in the year of 2008.

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