How to Change a Drill Bit?

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Power drills are not a new subject and every home today has this most powerful tool with them. It can be for hanging a picture in your drawing-room or kitchen shelf wants to get fixed on a wall. These are some cases where a need for the right drill bit comes in picture. Power tools are very useful for different projects, however, there is the learning curve needed to use them in the right way.

Changing Drill Bit

Doesn’t what kind of drill you use, you must know to change the drill bits so you are able to it safely without even damaging the bits and harming yourself. However, when you want to change a bit you have to consider a few things about drill and if the drill has got a keyed chuck system. Because the method of changing the drill bit generally depends on the feature.

In such a case, remember most of the drill has got keyless chuck and older or bigger drills & drill presses make use of chuck key system for opening and closing the chuck. In this guide, we can help you to know how to remove the drill bit & insert the new one in different kinds of drills.

Understand the Drill Parts

You have learned the basics of the drill, like how you must store the drill bits or what kind of drill that you want for your particular project. Now, it is very important you understand parts of a drill we will talk about in the guide:

Chuck: Clamp-like mechanism, which holds a drill bit in the proper place. Chuck rotates when you pull a drill’s trigger for turning the bit.

Chuck key: This key-like tool you will insert in a chuck of the keyed drill for loosening the jaws & remove the bit. You will need the tool to tighten your chuck when you are placing the new bit.

Trigger: Mechanism of a drill that you will squeeze with the finger to make chuck and bit to rotate.

Jaws: Clamps within a chuck that are liable for grasping a drill bit will keep it very steady as chuck rotates. Suppose drill bit wobbles, then it is the sign your drill’s jaws are not clamping it rightly.

How to Change the Drill Bit?

Before you think of changing a drill bit, we’re telling you to check your bit as per your work. Because using a wrong bit for a wrong job may end up in the catastrophic result. And here we’ve covered the exact parts. Thus, when you have done with the piece, you will know everything about changing & using the drill bit for metal, steel, and concrete. Now, let us go right in the complete details-

How to Install the Drill Bit?

Let us assume your drill has got no drill bit it at this stage. You will install this for the first time. Thus, let us go through these steps of installing the drill bit.

  • Before you start, take a look to assess work in hand. What kind of material you will drill into? How big the hole you want? Based on these answers, select the drill bit.
  • See if 3 teeth are inclining towards a center of the drill. Suppose it is a case, your drill hood will be in the closed position.
  • Begin rotating a drill hood in the counterclockwise position and keep rotating till teeth get invisible.
  • Pick up the selected bit and insert this in the hood. Begin rotating a bit clockwise unless it gets secured.
  • Then press drilling switch when keeping a drill bit facing it upwards. See if it is properly spinning in the straightway.

Suppose everything appears fine, then it is done. You have the drill ready for a little drilling.

Bottom Line

Changing the drill bit as per the kind of job that you wish to do can protect your power tool. After you insert the new bit, check out that bit is placed rightly in a center of jaw clamps. Keep in mind to check that the drill bit is properly working after replacing the new bit. This can protect you from all types of accidents. Taking the right care of the tools can increase your tools lifetime. Thus, just follow these steps I have mentioned to replace the drill bit.

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