Ice Cube Net Worth

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Ice Cube Net Worth (Actor – Rapper)

In this article, we will discuss Ice Cube Net Worth and about his luxury lifestyle.  Ice Cube is the most famous American Actor, writer, and Rapper. He was born in Baldwin Hills, South Central Angeles. When he left the N.W.A, he embarked on a successful solo career, releasing the most famous albums, and his album list is, in 1990 AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and in 1991 Death Certificate both of which have attained platinum in the US. Ice Cube was born on 15 June 1969.

He has written the lyrics to approximately with Straight Outta Compton and Eazy-E’s solo album, and his album picked up $321,000 contract did not confirm that he was an official member of N.W.A. Ice Cube Net Worth is $160 million. His albums were regarded as more famous and special.  In the year 1991, people are following Boyz and the Hood. He has licensed some new and clothing line, which features hooded sweatshirts with the hood strings.

Ice Cube Early Life

He was born in Baldwin Hills, South Central Los Angeles.  His father is a hospital clerk and custodian. His mother name is Hosea Jackson, who worked as a groundskeeper at UCLA and machinist. He has an older brother when Ice cube was 12 his brother was murdered. His cousin is also known as Del the Funky Homosapien, his name is Delvon Jones and Delvon Jones his partner in rap group Hieroglyphics and who has also worked with Gorillaz and he has another cousin is Kam of a rap group member.

He developed an interest in hip-hop music, in his early teens he has begun writing raps in Los Angeles George Washington Preparatory High School’s typewriting classes. Ice Cube total net Worth is $160 million. He has sold his first song to future N.W.A member of his teenage. In 1987 he enrolled at the Phoenix Technology.

Ice cube Solo Career

He recorded his debut solo album in New York with the Bomb squad in 1989. It was released in 1990. His album was accused of misogyny and subsequently. He appointed for a female rapper and his rapper name was Yo-Yo.

In 1991 he was released his second album Death Certificate the album was regarded as more focused and critics accused him again misogynist anti-Semitic and being and his album was divided into two sides his album name is Death Side and the life side. In 1992 ice cube toured with Lollapalooza which widened his fan base.

How Ice Cube up his Film Career?

He has started his first work in his early life, he has played some role as Doughboy in 1990, send. His next step is alongside Ice-T and Bill Paxton in Walter Hill’s Action film. After some success, he has offered to co-star role with Janet Jackson in the year of 1993, and after the complete deal, he has started playing the role, which was given to Tupac Shakur instead.

He has written the screenplay and comedy Friday, his script is earned $28 million worldwide on a $3.6 million. He has likes and plays basketball, the most famous Lebron James parried up to paired up to pitch and played ABC based on James’ life. In 2016 Ice Cube total earning is $140 million.

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Ice Cube Important Information


Real Name O’Shea Jackson
Nick Name Ice Cube
Age He was born on 15 June 1969 his age is 48 years old
Born Place Compton, California, US
Nationality American
Education George Washington Preparatory High School
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter, actor, filmmaker and record producer
Father Hosea Jackon
Mother Doris Jackson
Siblings, older sister Beverley
Others Teren Delvon Jones
Manager United Talent Agency
Genre Hip-hop, G-funk, Hardcore Rap, West Coast Rap
Instruments Vocals
Build Average
Height Five ft and 173 cm
Weight Eighty Four Kg 185 lbs
Girlfriend / Spouse Ice Cube has dated
Race / Ethnicity Black
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Distinctive Features Medium stubble beard, Four dotted marks near his right eye and Raised eyebrows
Measurements Ice Cube body specification may be
Chest 42 in or 107 cm
Arms / Biceps 13.5 in or 34 cm
Waist 37 in or Ninety four cm
Shoe Size His Show size is Unknown
Brand Endorsements Coors Light Beer, St. Ides Malt and Solo by Cube
Best Known Gangsta rap and comedy film
First Album N.W.A in 1987
First Film Boyz n the hood
First TV Show The Sinbad Show
Net Worth Ice Cube Net Worth is $160 million.

How Ice Cube Built his Net Worth?

Ice Cube major benefit is that he has joined N.W.An in the year of 1988. N.W.A was known for angry lyrics and police while touting violence on his like. When financial N.W.He left this group, he has worked alone and makes himself better in the world.

When he has released his first solo album Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, he has pop charts into No, 19. His 4th studio album name is The Predator, and his this album picked up 1 no, powered by the single.

And his three albums grossed $105 million at the box office. He has written the movie, Barbershop which grossed $60 million, in this way he has up and builds his Net Worth. In this time Ice Cube total Net Worth is $120 million roundabouts.

Ice cube History

Ice cube birth name is O’Shea Jackson. He was born in Baldwin Hills, South Central on 15 June 1969. He is the son of Doris. Doris is a hospital clerk and custodian, who worked as a groundskeeper and a machinist at UCLA. He has an older brother and half-sister who were murdered when he was 12 years old.

He and his cousin is Teren Delvon also known as Del the funky homosapien and they are the part of the rap group Hieroglyphics and they were worked with Gorillaz and he and his another cousin is Kam of rap group The Warzone in his teen life. Ice Cube total assets are $160 million. He has developed an interest in hip-hop began and music writing. Jackson sold his first song to future N.W.A member Eazy-E at the age of 16. He worked at the Phoenix Institute of Technology in Arizona in 1987.

He was complete his music diploma within one year and returned to Angeles to pursue after the rap career. He was not sure of whether his rap career would work out he was turn out in architecture draftsman as a backup career. Ice Cube total earning is $160 million. He was performed with his C.I.A group member Sir jinx and they performed at parties hosted by Doctor Dre. And Dr. Dre soon entered the recording industry as a member of the World Class Cru or Wreckin.

Dre watches his potential as a writer and had him assist with writing Wrecking for hit track Cru’s big and Cabbage patch as well as joining cube and they do a partnership. And which the duo called Crew Stereo and hip hop music.

Ice Cube Movies list

Movie Year Character Type
Xxx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 Darius Film
I Am Boxing 2017 Boxing Film
Fist Fight 2017 Strickland Film

The Next Cut

2016 Calvin Film
Ride Along 2 2016 James Payton Film
22 Jump Street 2014 Captain Dickson Film
Ride along 2014 James Payton Film
The Book of Life 2014 Captain Dickson Film
Unconditional 2013 Host, Mentor Film
Rampart 2012 Kyle Tomkins Film

Ice Cube Personal Life

He was asked in Han 2005 on NRP by Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. He has allowed his children to listen to his music and follow me. He said that what he tells his children about profanity, he has recalled telling his kids, appropriate times to use any kind of language. He might change religions three or four times before I die. I worked in overall resources and give my children all major things to up their level. Ice Cube is guiding his children proper and gives there new ideas. Ice Cube total Net Worth is $160 million.


What are Ice Cube Interesting Facts?

  • The actor Nicole Sullivan and Seth were an item in 1998 to 200.
  • Jessica Barth in 2006, the actor’s Jessica Barth and Seth MacFarlane were an item.
  • Ice Cube Net Worth is $160 million.
  • When he was meet with actress Amanda Bynes on the set of Family, His approx 13 years old. He has makes a relationship with Eliza Dushku.
  • Amanda Bynes in 2008, meeting with actress Amanda Bynes on the set of Family Guy.
  • The year 1012, the English actress Emilia Clarke and Seth dated with each other.
  • Seth commenced dating the fellow, Halston Sage, in the year of 2017.

Ice Cube Studio album history

AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted 1990
Death Certificate 1991
The Predator 1992
Lethal Injection 1993
War and Peace Volume 1 1998
War and Peace Volume 2 2000
Laugh Footage 2008
 I am the West 2010

Ice Cube Relation Ship history

Ice Cube has many other relationships that we know. When his age was 49 years old he has attached with O’Shea Jackson Sr. Baldwin Hills, South Central Los Angeles in 1970, California, US, he is famous for N.W.A Boys N the Hood, His sun sign is Gemini. When he makes other relationships Ice Cube total net worth is $100 million roundabouts.

Ice Cube joins NWB group

Ice Cube mane fact is he is the only member of the NWA band he has also the youngest member of the band in his teenage. Ice Cube total earning is $160 million. In his early life in 90’s he got converted to Islam and he daily went to the mosque as and he believed all was between him and he could reach him from the confines of his home. He started his own record label after his dispute with the Priority Records. He announced the start of a professional basketball in 2012. Ice Cube total assets are $160 million.

Ice Cube Net worth

2011 $102 million
2012 $105.3 million
2013 $107 million
2014 $110 million
2015 $113.8 million
2016 $124.9 million
2017 $132.2 million


$140 million

$160 million

Some Noteworthy Facts about Ice Cube you may not know about him

Ice cube fans know him as one of the minds behind the controversial rap classic but fuck the police and his kids know him as the star of family films. He worked with such a diverse career, it’s only fitting that the MC born Jackson is the subject of his new moths and times. Ice Cube Net Worth is $160 million. When his age is 44 years old he has worked with gangsta rap pioneer’s whole life. As you dive in and examine his influential, massively successful journey. Number one thing is that he attended the same high school as some other famous rappers and beat many rappers.

The second thing is the rap hadn’t worked out, he could have had a career in drafting. Number Three is Eazy-E nearly rejected the classic song. Fourth is He helped to make Chris Tucker’s solo and film career. Number five and the major thing is that He reconciled with Eazy-E shortly before the rapper’s death, and the two discussed reuniting N.W.A group.

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