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Logic Net Worth (Singer – Rapper)

Logic Net Worth In the year of 22 Jan 1990 his mother gives Sir Robert Bryson Hall ll birth. Logic is a most famous American singer, rapper, and songwriter. He worked with Visionary Music Group, before releasing three more albums over three years. Logic Net Worth is $10 million. He has released his debut studio album, its name is The Incredible True Story and this album was debuted at number 4 on the US Billboard 200. Logic was born in Hospital Shady Grove in the year of 1990’s. In 2017 Logic Net Worth is $8 million. When he was a child, his witnessed his brothers produce and distribute crack cocaine to addicts all over the block. He says that the expulsion, stating I started doing badly and failed and I will try again and again but badly failed every class and English so they kicked me out of school. He was able to reconnect with Hall due to his burgeoning and he has started his music career.

Logic the incredible true story

He is a creative genius, When complete his displaying artistic talent work he has start creativity originally through the storyline on Under Pressure. Logic comes back to express his storytelling talents to us on the incredible true story. When he was working in his incredible true story Logic Net Worth is $5.4 million. The incredible true story most obvious storyline is that of a group of space travelers on a mission to find the planet Paradise after the destruction of Earth. We will provide you with a smooth transition into the next track in the story. And his next track name is Young Jesus, he has worked another single that the album dropped this track originally confused me. After a little deep thinking and lyric analyzing so I think the meaning is a little deeper.

Logic Early Career and various mixtapes

Logic met his friend Solomon Taylor 13 Aug who soon became his mentor. He became interested in rap and hip-hop music. Logic Net Worth is $14 million. He performed under the stage name and his stage name is Psychological with logic says the name as one name that really stuck. And he says that I just loved this word because it was under his original name. Logic Net Worth is $14 million. He and his friend they say that we are worked together and make the mixtape in 2001. And he released his fifth album on 15 Dec 2010.

What is Logic Biography?

Real Name Sir Robert Bryson Hall
Short Name Logic, Young Sinatra, Bobby Psychological
Age He was born on 22 January 1990
Place of Birth Rockville, United States, Maryland.
Residence Califonia, USA, Beverly
Nationality American
Education Gaithersburg High school
Occupation Singer, Rapper, Song Writer and producer
Mother Unknown
Father Robert Bryson Hall
Siblings His brother sell crack cocaine around the neighborhood
Manager Creative Artists

Team visionary

Genre Hip hop and rapper
Instruments Keyboard, Drum machine, Piano, Vocals, Synthesizer
Build Slim
Height 5 ft 9 inch or 175 cm
Spouse Logic has dated
Race Multiracial
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
First Show In May 2013
Net Worth $20 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Religion Village voice

Logic breaks down 5 Things you didn’t know about him

The first thing is he said that I am biracial but it’s not about being black. He says that it’s about me being a person of mixed race and being proud of whom I am. The second thing about his childhood was rough. He has low-income housing Section 8 welfare food stamps. He looks white because his mother has had children by all black men. The 3rd and major thing is music give him therapy. A lot for shit did not make sense because when he was a child, but he was just like alright and goanna write these raps. Four: he was raised in 90s hip-hop. His first really got into hip-hop when his age is fourteen years old. His score was done by the RZA and he liked music. When he has started his career, logic net worth is $0.2 million, but this time logic Net Worth is $14 million. The important and last thing is that live shows are his bread and butter. This time got everything from all his funds. And he has made his fucking money off merchandise and off hard tickets.

logic net worth
logic net worth

How many Logic makes music Albums?

Logic has made 9 studio albums in his career and his album list is here.

Year Album
2018 Bobby Tarantino ll
2017 Everybody
2016 Bobby Tarantino
2015 The Incredible True Story
2014 Under Pressure
2013 Sinatra: Welcome to Forever
2012 Young Sinatra
2011 Young Sinatra:
2010 Young, Broke and Infamous

Logic Interesting Facts

  • To deal with his violent and improvised beyond, he later enlisted the assistance of a therapist.
  • He got into hip-hop after looking the action film, Kill Bill: Volume 1. The score of the film turned into created via RZA and he soon started listening to RZA and his iconic hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan.
  • Logic had a totally rough early life as he used to stay together with his own family on Sector eight housing and they depended on welfare, meals stamps, and social offerings for his or her survival.
  • In his younger days, he struggled with homelessness and did a number of odd jobs simultaneously to maintain him financially afloat.
  • Logic also had a strained dating along with his father, who became absent from lots of his childhood and become a cocaine addict. In fact, his brothers used to sell cocaine to him.
  • He met Solomon Taylor at the age of thirteen and Taylor assumed the function of his mentor. Early in his profession, Taylor used to shop for CDs with instrumental beats so that Logic could write his lyrics over it.
  • The achievement of his unofficial mixtape Psychological – Logic: The Mixtape helped him bag work as a gap act for famous artists which include Pitbull, Ludacris, and Redman for their suggests in Maryland.
  • He was signed up with the aid of Visionary Music after Chris Zarou, the president
  • His mother was an alcoholic and regularly used to racially abuse him. She also had experienced prostitution and drug abuse and became stabbed and raped. She even tried to choke him to die as an infant.

Amazing Things about Logic’s Personal Life

In 2009 he terminated a five-year romantic relationship with his girlfriend. He says that. The thing is. I feel deeply like so many artists, well, not really artists but so many people think they can rap and they just want a deal and the flits and the glamour.  Logic Net Worth is $14 million. He has referred to him as a pothead when his music career growing up. Logic says that I don’t drink, I don’t smoke weed, my drink is my music and my weed is my career ups. In the year 2014, he could not muster the courage to give up cigarettes until. He comments that I will never pledge not to smoke another cigarette concluding the release of Under Pressure. He has made his YouTube Channel and millions of people view that his channel. Logic Net Worth is $14 million.

How did Logic earn his money and wealth?

He went to Gaithersburg High School, however, ended up expelled because of skipping classes in his 10th grade. Through such early life, Logic rose to achievement and builds his profession out of music. Logic changed into the stimulated and piqued hobby in Rap and hip-hop after looking Quentin Tarantino’s gem Kill Bill: Volume 1 whose rating turned into produced through a member of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan RZA. Logic soon began following the institution and developed a deep hobby in hip-hop music. Solomon Taylor, whom Logic met at the age of thirteen, began bringing CDs containing instrumental beats, for him, to write lyrics over them. In the yr 2009, Logic released an unofficial mixtape titled Psychological – Logic: The Mixtape and started acting below his degree call “Psychological” before shortening it to Logic.

logic net worth
logic net worth

What is Logic Net Worth?

2008 $3 million
2009 $5.9 million
2010 $6.8 million
2011 $7.3 million
2012 $10 million
2013 $12.3 million
2014 $14.1 million
2015 $16 million
2016 $17.4 million
2017 $19.2 million
2018 $20 million

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