Top 5 Master Data Management Solutions

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Part of choosing the top master data management or MDM software services for your business or organization is to ensure that it aligns with the business goals. There is a wide range of good master data management or MDM tools out there, which focus on the specific use case and niche in this market. But, because the specific set of abilities works out for one company doesn’t essentially mean it can work for others as well. The first step in a vendor selection procedure is to identify the providers who provide products specifically for your environment. It ensures best-fit and excellent launch point for future deployments.

Data Management Tools

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1. SAP

SAP is a multinational software firm. This Company develops the business software, which includes the e-business as well as enterprise management tool, consults on the organizational usage of the applications software, or offers training solutions. SAP markets its products or services all over the world.

The database solutions will allow the businesses to distribute, create, as well as maintain the complete and accurate data with the SAP’s MDM software. The SAP master data management suite monitors as well as measures the data quality against the validation rules or measures the financial cost of the poor quality of master data over various applications. The SAP offers the data movement freedom, or queries spanning the local, public, as well as multiple data clouds.

2. Oracle

Oracle currently announced it signed the agreement to get BlueKai’s Marketing Cloud service and combine this with the Oracle’s Data Management to personalize the marketing programs & customer experience. The Oracle’s DMP offer companies an ability to build the rich user profiles, and combining complete information from the first party & third party sources that includes advertising, media, social as well as mobile systems.

Oracle was a top dog in the year’s Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management. Cloud services solutions that include Oracle Database, Exadata Cloud Service & Big Data Cloud Service. The data governance solutions of Oracle integrate the multiple domains that will range from the Customer, Site, Supplier, Asset, Account, and Product.

3. Profisee

Profisee is the next generation MDM company with the mission to innovate the data management strategies just by providing the simple to use ad deploy enterprise master data management platform.

Profisee Platform is the full-featured enterprise MDM solution that is designed to provide the lowest total expense of the ownership for any competitive solution, and without even sacrificing on the functionality over all the major components of the MDM platform. With the focus on business, Profisee offers the first master data management solution that is affordable and approachable for the business data stewards. Recently Profisee even made it through the gartner mdm magic quadrant which is really a great thing.

4. Talend

Talend provides an expansive portfolio of data integration and data management tools. Company’s flagship management product, the Talend Data Management, features the graphical wizards and tools, and over 900 pre-built connectors and components to natively connect the databases, cloud-based apps, and flat files.

The included data mapper & parsing abilities allow the users to map the complex EBCDIC files, JSON, XML, as well as EDI documents. Talend has its office in Redwood City in California.

5. IBM

IBM is well known for its data governance solutions because of its mainframe heritage. And IBM provides flexible access to the data governance offerings over its platform as well as offers the stand-alone DBMS, which includes multiple versions of DB2, PureData System for the Analytics and DB2 Analytics Accelerator.

The IBM MDM solutions will pull data from the Hadoop by IBM BigInsights, DataFirst and Watson Data Platform IBM. The IBM MDM products will include IBM InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition, InfoSphere MDM, as well as IBM MDM on Cloud.

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When choosing the master data management solution, the organizations have many different vendors to select from. Some are startups that provide just MDM and similar services, and some are a bit bigger larger companies, which provide a wide range of the data management or integration tools, also some are quite large enterprise vendors that have a broad portfolio of the products. Before selecting the right solution, organizations must consider how they would like to deploy the MDM software — and in the on-premise center, in a public cloud, in a private cloud, and in the hybrid cloud. They have to examine the data integration strategy.

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