4 Useful Emojis That You Can Use in Messaging

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Nowadays, it is the communication that you need to be successful in most things. It’s the involvement of three things, the sender, message, and recipient. To other people, it might look easy, but the truth is it’s a complicated subject. When a person delivers a word to anyone, there might be many factors that can affect the message, including emotions, devices, and the medium used in communications, cultural situation, and the location.

Emojis for Messaging

Right now, communicating with anyone is much easier because of the advanced technology that we can access today. People can use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer, and even smartwatches to send and receive messages. Individuals can also use different apps to chat or message their friends or loved ones. And communication is essential for students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and even businesses that need constant contact with many people. With that, there are also ways to make messaging or chatting fun and exciting.

With the different emoji types that people can use through their mobile devices, it’s now more comfortable to express their feelings and thoughts towards the recipient. And there are also times that the messages that we send are boring and do not contain emotions, and adding emojis to those messages will make them alive-looking. People can also use emojis to express their feelings without the need for words. So here are some of the useful emojis that you can use in messaging.

Eggplant Emoji ?

The emoji shows an image of aubergine on a side view. The eggplant emoji represents the eggplant vegetable, and some people use it to suggest a dish that has eggplant on it. Other individuals also utilize this emoji as a replacement for the genitals of the males.

This emoji type appeared way back in 2010. People also recognize it as aubergine emoji. There are also times that people mention it as vegetable emoji.

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Two Hearts Emoji ?

The emoji shows a couple of pink hearts, one below is more significant, and the other one is smaller and floats above the bigger one. Two hearts emoji is commonly used by people to express warm love and feelings, gentler and light kind of romance. However, you can still use it to indicate passion within the context. This emoji should be used for romantic messaging, or for the younger generation to use as decoration when they discuss something or someone they like or emphasizing friendship between girls.

The emoji first appeared way back in 2010, and people recognize it as pink heart emoji. There are also times that they call it little heart emoji.

Ok Hand Emoji ?

The ok hand emoji shows satisfaction, acceptance, and that everything is alright. People can also use it to express that something’s small or tiny. The emoji displays an index finger that is touching the thumb to form an open circle.

This emoji appeared way back in 2010. It is known to people to be an ok emoji, but some people refer to it as okay emoji. There are also instances that they mention it as an ok sign.

Sparkling Heart ?

The emoji shows a heart image with stars around it to make it look shimmering or sparkling. It is also an emoji that symbolizes a special love with your other half. Many people associate this emoji with divas so that when they are using it, it is like they are saying, “ A diva type of love!”. You can also use it to show someone that you love them very much.


While there are many emojis that you still don’t know the meaning, it’s better if you start researching and know how to use them properly. With that, you can easily add them to your messages to have a great conversation with anyone. Widening your emoji vocabulary will also help you avoid using the wrong emojis in some of your messages. The mentioned items in the article are only some of those easy to learn emojis.

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Use every emojis to express your thoughts or feelings that you can’t tell using words towards anyone. There are also emoji apps that allow you to access more emojis with different icons. With all of that, you can never go wrong in using emojis in all of your messages.

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