Nba Youngboy Net Worth

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Nba Youngboy Net Worth (Singer – Rapper)

In this article, we will see about Nba Youngboy lifestyle and his net worth. NBA Youngboy real name is Kentrell Gaulden; he was born on 20th OCT 1999. People have known him professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again because of his famous song. NBA Young boy is a famous American Rapper. NBA Youngboy Net Worth is expected to be at around $4.5 million. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has 3 scars on his forehead which he got in a fight during his childhood. He was raised mainly by his maternal grandmother with whom he spent most of his life as a child.

He has released the detention center and after this work, he lived Gaulden’s grandmother died of heart failure. After his grandmother died he was left in with his friend and fellow Baton and lived there. NBA Youngboy Net Worth is $4.5 million. In 2017, Nba Youngboy total Net Worth is just $0.9 Million. But during those initial days, he did criminal things to get some money to pay for his studio. It is to be noted that he started his first music producing company when he was just fourteen years old with just a microphone.

How Nba Youngboy Created this Rapper career?

Once he became a rapper, he has increased his net worth very fastly. He saw a huge growth in his career with his song Never Broken Again. This album of NBA Youngboy topped the position of 31 on the Billboard Hot 100. After this, Nba Youngboy’s assets reached close to $4.5 million.

Nba Youngboy always says that his grandmother was his luck. She is very close to him and still, he misses her so much. When he was fourteen years old, he started his music career.

NBA Youngboy Important Information Which You Should Know

Born Name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden
Nick Name YoungBoy, YB, NBA
Age He was born on 20 OCT 1999
Sun Sign Libra
Born Place Baton Rouge, Louisiana US
Nationality American
Education Magnet High School
Occupation Rapper
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Distinctive Features Love Shiny jewelry
Brand Endorsements Unknown
Religion Unknown
Net worth NBA Youngboy Net Worth is $4.5 Million
Father His Father is Unknown
Mother Nba’s mother used to rap
Siblings He has one younger brother his name is Ken
Manager He has managed by fee banks of Good Money in Global Management
Genre Rap, Hip-hop
Instruments Vocals
Labels Artist Partners Group, Never Broke Again, Atlantic and YSL Ent
Build Slim
Height 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
Weight His weight is 67 kg or 149 lbs
Girlfriend / Spouse He has dated
Distinctive Features Loves shiny jewelry, tattoos and forehead scars
First Album Until Death Call My Name
First Film He has not worked any film
Personal trainer He has no personal trainer

2000-2018 Nba Youngboy History

YoungBoy was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was raised by his maternal grandmother after his father was sentenced to prison for 55 years because of one crime that his father committed. He attended his school in Louisiana. To shine on the musical profession, he dropped out of his college when he was just in ninth standard grade.

Soon after dropping out, he was arrested for theft and then sent to the prison in Tallulah, Louisiana. There he started out to write down the lyrics for his debut song. After the loss of the life of his grandmother, he then moved in with a chum and a fellow rapper from Baton Rouge for 3 years. NBA Youngboy total Net Worth is expected to be around $4.5 million.

nba youngboy net worth
nba youngboy

Who is Nba Young boy’s Girlfriend?

NbaYoung boy made her Ex-Girlfriend pregnant without getting married, and he Abused her on Instagram Live. Nba Young boy is a playboy who plays with girls and makes them pregnant and then leave them. He never wanted to marry anyone in his life. Her girlfriend last time started crying in Instagram Live and said that “God please take my life away and please just kill me faster“. Nba Youngboy Net Worth is $4.5 million.

Nba Youngboy album list

Album Year
Life Before Fame 2015
A mind of a Menace 2015
A mind of a Menace 2 2016
38 Baby 2016
Before I go 2016
The mind of a Menace 3 2016
A.I. young boy 2017
Master the day of judgment 2018
Dancing with the devil 2018

What are the Nba Youngboy Legal issues?

He was arrested at the start of the year 2017 in Gaulden before a concert in Austin, Texas. In Dec 2016 he was again arrested in attempted first-degree murder. He says that the police arrested him and torched him. Once he even got his finger fractured because of the beatings that he got from the police. In the year of 2018, he was released from prison on around $79,000 fine with bail. Nba Youngboys net worth is $4.5 million. Nba Young boy was arrested again and again because of some robbery and murder cases.

Nba Young Boy Latest News

Nba Youngboy Twitter handle name is kgopolo mphela. The recent news about Youngboy is that he became the father of a 4th baby just at 18 years. He didn’t even marry any of the girls that he dated and gave birth to the child. He just abandoned his girlfriends after having relationship with them. His ex-girlfriend does not give him permission to see his baby, because he cheated on her saying that he will marry her. This time Nba Yong boy’s total assets are $4.5 million.

How much Nba Youngboy Net Worth is?

Year Net Worth
2012 $0.1 million
2013 $0.2 million
2014 $0.4 million
2015 $0.5 million
2016 $1 million
2017 $2.5 million


$3.5 million


$4.5 million

Who is Nba Youngboy’s Father?

NBA Young Boy says that he did not know anything about his father because his mother was not married to him. She was just a girlfriend to his father and his father makes her mom pregnant and left her. Later his grandmother took good care of him and spent most of her time with him. Currently Nba Yongboy Net Worth is $4.5 million something.

nba youngboy net worth
NBA young boy total net worth

NBA Youngboy Interesting Facts

  1. Once when Youngboy was sitting in his living room and watching his favorite news, he saw the news that the famous rapper Scotty chain has been charged.
  2. Before he got famous, girls just hated him like anything. But later, everything changed after he became a rapper.
  3. He never really wanted to marry anyone. Just dating and living with cute hot chicks.
  4. He really loved his grandmother but unfortunately, she left him because of heart failure.
  5. Recently NBA Youngboy Never Broke Again confirmed that his fourth child is on the way to the world.
  6. NBA Young Boy became this popular because of his one and only song Never Broke Again.
  7. Nba Young Boy total Net Worth might be around $4.5 million.
  8. NBA Young Bog have more than 2 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.
  9. Once when he was 14 years old, Youngboy got his neck broke during a street fight and it took almost 2 years for him to get back to normal like others. He was really going through a tough situation during that time.
  10. Nba Young boy was a great personality and many people known him by his stage name Never Broke Again.
  11. Nba says that he always loves to meet his fans who go crazy to see him and take photographs & autographs of him. He never really wanted to disappoint any of his fans. So he always took the time to meet them whenever there is a chance.

As in 2019, NbaYoungboy total net worth is estimated at around $4.5 million. If you want to know more bout NbaYoungboy lifestyle and net worth leave a comment in the below section for updates. You can even share the information that you know about NBA Young Boy in the comment section which is not covered in this article!

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