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Defense of a term paper is an American college student’s presentation to members of the examination committee on the subject of an essay or a dissertation writing. This assignment is mandatory, as it allows you to determine the level of knowledge of the student and its depth in the research topic.

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The examination committee includes a senior lecturer and supervisors of speaking students. The full list of persons involved in the defense of term papers is announced no later than 7 working days before the hearing.

If the student failed the defense, the department appoints a day of retake. Officially allowed to carry out no more than 3 retakes.

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How Is the Defense Going After ApluesEssay.com Essay Writing Service?

Preparation for the performance begins a few days before the specified date. Students make a report and presentation, memorize the text of the speech.

The protection procedure includes several stages:

  1. Student performance with a report on the work done (7-10 minutes).
  2. Discussion with members of the examination committee (7-10 minutes).
  3. Break (20-30 minutes).
  4. Announcement of ratings (from 20 minutes).

90% of students do not know where to start the protection of term papers. For educational etiquette, the greeting is a universal introduction. The speaker introduces himself, his supervisor, reads out the full name of the project and proceeds to its contents. The purpose of the presentation is to familiarize the audience with the results of their research.

At the end of the report, the student thanks to the commission for their attention and suggests moving on to discussing the topic.

During the discussion, the student answers the questions of the examination committee. Responses should be detailed and relevant to requests.

After the defense is completed, the chairman of the commission announces a break during which final assessments are made.

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Where to Begin?

The student welcomes the audience and members of the commission, names his course and name, position and name of the supervisor, topic of the course project, as well as its type. He explains to the audience the relevance of the chosen topic, the degree of its knowledge, formulates the object and subject of the study, as well as the goals and objectives of the project.

If the examination committee considers the introduction to be too long, the chairman will ask the speaker to speed up and move on to the main part.

The Main Text of Protection

The main text of the defense includes the methods used by the student during research activities. The speaker talks about the work done. Studying the theoretical base and practical activities of the student (conducting surveys, market monitoring, product development, charting, tables, drawings) – all this refers to scientific research and is described in detail to the commission members.

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How to Finish?

In the final part, the student lists the results of the work done and the conclusions made on their basis. At the end of his speech, he thanks the audience for their attention and offers to ask him questions.

Preparation for the protection of the course is better to start in advance and with the help of an essay writing company ApluesEssay.com. In order for the presentation to be concise, the student must draw up the text of the report in accordance with the listed rules and norms. During defense, it is important to observe educational etiquette, as well as to show interest and respect for opponents.

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