Soulja Boy Net Worth

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Soulja Boy Net Worth (Rapper – Actor)

Soulja Boy is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur and the producer of all record. He is well known for his profession. He was born in July of 20th in the year of 1990. Soulja Boy Net Worth is $33 million. His real name is DeAndre Cortez Way. After when he became a professional people (fans) called him Soulja Boy tells Em and similarly as Soulja Boy and he became very popular for his nickname or fan made a name. His most successful album is in the year of 2007 which was his second studio album.

He was achieved more popularity and his name was at the top 18 in the list of Forbes for the Hip Hop of Cash Kings which earned money about seven million Dollars ($7 in millions) on 17 August 2010. He published other two albums like iSouljaBoy in 2008 and The DeAndre Way in 2010 which is not successful commercially, after some time he represents many other albums on different characters like “Kiss Me Through the Phone”, “Pretty Boy Swag”. Previously he alone in contact with internet and after some time he became a top one publisher from seven non-consecutive which was started in September of 2007 in America which is also known as the United States. Soulja Boy Net Worth is $33 million.

Background of Soulja Boy

He was interested in becoming a rapper and his born place in Chicago. He shifted from Chicago to the Atlanta when he was six years old. He also sends his songs on Sound Click (website) in November 2005 and he also achieved positive views according to it he also make accounts on websites like YouTube and My Space. Day by day his sites ranked and he deals inters cope Records with Mr. Collipark to sign in for his sites. He also published the low-budget video named as “Crack that” dance in March 2007 which was unsigned and Still Major.

Which one things Soulja Boy likes?

  1. Food- His Favorite food is cheese fries
  2. Song- His favorite song name is Keep Ya head up (by Tupac)
  3. Album- he says that my favorite album is All Eyez On Me
  4. New Artist- his favorite new artist name is Diggy Simmons
  5. Video Games- Skate 3, Gears of War 3
  6. His most favorite quote is, to be or not to be
  7. His favorite film- His favorite film name is the social network 2010
  8. His best book- The Art of war Bu sun Tzu

9 Soulja Boy Net Worth in 2017 was 27 million.

Soulja boy net worth
Soulja boy total assets

Soulja Boy’s Songs list

Soulja also represented his 3rd studio album and his wish to work with artists like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Eminem, after providing successful album like thus far which is also personal for his professionalism. He has also represented the album named as Pretty Boy Swag (8 June 2010). His early album was not commercially successful (snippet for) named as “Do It Big”canceled as well and after this strategy, he reconverted the name of his album to “The DeAndre Way “(July 2010). He achieved the 34 number in Billboard of Hot 100. Soulja Boy Net Worth is $33 million.

He also achieved six positions on the song chart in which he performed Hip-Hop song on the Hot R and B. He became number five (05) for the songs of rap chart. His first album move towards the Black Hole, for example, everything went in lost and after this, it can be demonstrated. His album was “POW” was going to the failure and after it reconverted into single Promo in 2009 in January.

Soulja Boy Important Information


Birth Name DeAndre Cortez Way
 Nick Name Soulja Boy Tell`Em, Soulja Boy
Age He was born on 28 July 1990
His Born Place Chicago, Illinois, US
Nationality American
Education Unknown
Occupation  Record Producer, Rapper, Entrepreneur, Actor, Singer and Songwriter
Father Tracy Way
Mother Her mother Not known
Siblings, younger Brother, his name was Deion Jenkins, and he has died on 22 March 2011
Manager He manager was Miami Mike
Genre Hip hop, pop rap, and trap
Instruments Vocals
Labels Collipark, SODMG and Inters cope
Build Athletic
Height He has 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
Weight 65 kg or 148 pounds
Girlfriend / Spouse He has dated
Race / Ethnicity Black
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Measurements His specifications may be
Chest 37 in or 94 cm
Waist 30 in or 76 cm
Shoe Size He is speculated to be, 9 US size wearing
Religion He has not revealed his religious but his religion is Christian
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Best Known for He has best known for kissing me thru the phone and my swag on
First Album In the year of 2007, he has released his first album
First film In the year of 2008, his first film was released and its name is What’s at Stake?
First TV show In the year of 2007, he has appeared in the talk show the Ellen DeGeneres Show as himself
Personal Trainer His Personal trainer is unknown
Soulja Boy Total Assets Soulja Boy Net Worth is $33 million.

Soulja Boy series of Albums

He also provides a series of mixtapes in 2011. He also released some additional Mix tapes when his album was continuously delayed. Supreme Mixtape was released by him on 19 September. He also released another album named as the Gold on Deck on 30th December in the year of 2011. In fact of the album, Skate e Boy was released. Way talked about his upcoming so many Mixtapes but some of them are going to the failure.

He feels that he has a lot of music to be the most creative. He also published LOUD which is the first Mixtape those are disturbed iTunes. He also displayed his 1st Mixtape which was King Soulja 2. He also displayed an album which is named as “23”. Soulja Boy Net Worth is $33 million. He also released single which was named by “Handsome”. On 6 November released and named as Young and Flexin. He also published his Mixtape which was named as “The King” on 30th May. Foreign was his first mixtape in twenty seconds (22nd) in the month of February. He preceded more mixtapes in 2014 when he was continuing his fourth mixtape album. Instead of an album, he released mixtape named as Life after Fame.

He also published the mixtape which was named as S. Beezy on November 24. Way and Bow Wow also explained Ignorant Shit on 29th of September. Way also dedicated the single title that “Day One” (May 12). He also dedicated the single Mixtape named by “Fitness EP” on February 20th. He also makes a squeal mixtape on July 23 which was named as S. Beezy 2. Soulja Boy Net Worth is $30 million. He released a mixtape named as the Rock star after in some time of newly released. He also released a mixtape on 23rd July which was published at the name of Rock Star. He also displayed the mixtape which was named as “Plug Talk” (28th September). Hit them Folks also preceded by him on 24th of September. He preceded the mixtape for Chief Keef that is “I am Up Now” (September 26).

He also demonstrated “Make It Rain” which is also a mixtape in Ninth (9th) of November. He also covered the Mixtape which is based upon art attained 1 Up that Naruto anime which were very famous these days and some Kids also enjoyed them today. He represents the cover those are based upon the ASAP Rocky’s Mixtape. He was such a great rapper and his earning also achieves height these days.

The promotion of “Too Faded” was based upon the featuring of mixtape which was named as OBEY. He has associated rape into remixed tracks those are being more popular today. Way also appointed his Mixtapes in 31st October from Sean Kingston, cap.1, and mixtape this was named by the Rich the Kid. He also had released Mixtape whom the title is that M and M (Money and Music).   He had taken the digital album from his King Soulja 4 on 17th of July for new single named as Actavis. He stated that if he was a video game then his choice to go to the next level with some extra life. He can sell 70000 copies of his album.

soulja boy net worth
soulja boy wealth

Soulja Boy Interesting Facts

  1. People are count Soulja boy in millionaire.
  2. When he was fourteen years old he relocated to Atlanta at age of six and to Batesville
  3. When he was going to school, Soulja used to write his goals in his diary
  4. On 2 Feb 2009, he has challenged bow wow to race in their own Lamborghinis
  5. He says that I like to spend my time on play games on Xbox and PS3
  6. Soulja Boy Net Worth is $33 million.
  7. He appeared in an event called on youtube live, which streamed live on the internet in the year of 2008 in Tokyo and San Francisco.
  8. His official site name is

What is Soulja Boy Net Worth?

Year Soulja Boy Net Worth
2008 $3.2 million
2009 $8 million
2010 $14 million
2011 $15.3 million
2012 $17.9 million
2013 $18.4 million
2014 $20 million
2015 $24.1 million
2016 $26.3 million
2017 $27 million


$30 million

$33 million

10 Interesting Things you did not know about him


‘Crank That (Soulja Boy)’ is hot on the digital charts.

With document income not what they were, Soulja Boy made records whilst he became the primary artist whose song sold three million digital copies on Jan. 6, 2008.


He had his own animated collection.

Like many artists who need to dabble in exclusive mediums, Soulja Boy notion it would be cool to begin his own cool animated film collection. Starring the rapper (of course), the show seems like it’s geared toward a younger target market as it’s set in an excessive school. In the first (and most effective episode), Soulja Boy avoids summer college through getting into a very good assignment inside the technological know-how honest. The episode additionally capabilities Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton Banks) and MTV’s Sway.


‘Crank That’ is featured in a video game.

It’s no secret that ‘Crank That (Soulja Boy)’ became a cultural phenomenon while it changed to released in 2007. However, it appeared to also enter the sector of video games. Not only was it one of the featured music levels on Xbox 360’s ‘Dance Central,’ but it’s also featured on in the ‘World of Warcraft.’ Soulja Boy Net Worth is $33 million.


He’s admitted to packing warmth.

After Soulja Boy became robbed in December 2008, the rapper wanted to make sure that he and his pals were secure. So aside from ramping up security at his domestic, he found out that he was given a gun. He told PopEater, “I maintain a pistol in every room now. You know, my bodyguards stay strapped now, you recognize what I’m announcing?”

Unfortunately, he did get in hassle for carrying a gun. In 2011, he was arrested on drug and gun ownership costs. Despite all of this, he told the Wall Street Journal in 2012, “I do not even suppose like that. I’ve been wondering advantageous. I don’t tote guns or nothing like that, you know what I’m saying?”

Looks like he is learned his lesson.


He’ll retweet you — if you pay him.

Hard times have hit many humans in recent times. So while Soulja Boy needed to make a few extra money, he commenced his very own mini business on Twitter. If you want the ‘Bird Walk’ rapper to comply with you on the social community,


He takes some luxurious risks.

During Super Bowl XLVII, the odds of who could win had been cut up — as they normally are. However, for Soulja Boy, he becomes quite confident about betting $two hundred,000 on the Baltimore Ravens. While they did beat the San Francisco 49ers, his instincts approximately this bet were a little unconventional. According to TMZ, Soulja most effective betted at the Ravens due to the fact that is the team he performs within ‘Madden NFL 13.’


The rhymer recorded a track in the guide of Invisible Children’s #KONY2012 campaign.

In 2012, Invisible Children, a young people-led employer, started a movement to spread consciousness and essentially forestall the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa and its leader, Joseph Kony. While the marketing campaign regarded to be everywhere in the media, there have been a few folks that have been inspired with the aid of it — one among them being Soulja Boy. Soon after the campaign went viral, the rapper determined to launch a song in aid of the movement known as, ‘Stop Kony.’ While the track has had diverse combined evaluations, possibly this shows the social awareness side of the rapper.


Chris Brown and Soulja Boy almost collaborated.

When Soulja Boy became within the studio to file, ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone,’ he was set on recruiting Chris Brown to assist him out on the hook. Unfortunately, the ‘As Your Friend’ singer became down the offer. After seeking to do it on his very own (with a bit Auto-Tune help), Soulja Boy requested his pal Sammie to get on the mic and that is what ended up as the final recording.


Soulja Boy’s ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’ sincerely blanketed an actual cellphone quantity.

When Soulja Boy changed into writing 2008’s ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone,’ he failed to realize that the telephone quantity he spits out within the beginning of the music could genuinely be a person’s real phone range. When the song launched inside the U.K. The subsequent yr, a couple has been slammed with at the least 60 calls a day from fans hoping they would be reaching the rapper.


Soulja Boy is banned from the navy.

While we, as Americans, have the proper to freedom of speech, there are times while we possibly have to maintain our mouths shut. Unfortunately, Soulja Boy did not research that lesson. In September 2011, he released, ‘Let’s Be Real,’ in which he spits, “F— the FBI and fall of the navy troops / Fighting for what? Bitch, be your personal guy / I’ll be flying via the clouds with inexperienced like I’m Peter Pan.”

He changed into criticized by using the military and their households, mainly for the reason that launch coincided with the 10-yr anniversary of 11th of September. Soulja Boy apologized or even removed the video for the track from the net. However, it turned into too late, and the military has placed a ban on his song.

As of 2019, Soulja Boy’s Net Worth is round about $33 million.

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