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Modern devices are aimed at making our life simple and comfortable. The Smart Home, which usually includes Alexa assistant from Amazon, Belkin device, and Wemo smart wave system, is capable of taking on all routine duties and other trifles, so that the owner does not have to spend time and effort on this. It takes care of safety, helps save energy and avoids the consequences of unforeseen incidents. The complex of solutions includes:



  1. Robots for cleaning;
  2. Kitchen smart things;
  3. Samsung home sensors;
  4. Climate stations;
  5. Smart candles, light bulbs.

With such devices as Wi-Fi lights bulb, on-off switch and another home kit, you can completely control your home. But as you may guess, such best things are not sold in, for example, Ikea hub. Our store 4Prototypes sells a great variety of appliances such as a speaker and a plug, so use our Google link to buy smart devices for your home.

Smart Devices for Sale from 4Prototypes

The peculiarity of the system is that it is synchronized with a smartphone – and any data arrives to you as quickly as possible. By installing special sensors, you will not worry about the iron, hairdryer or other electrical appliances. You can check whether they are turned on using a smartphone, and if necessary, give the outlet a command to turn them off. The signals from the sensors will go to your gadgets in the event of a malfunction of any equipment.

If the washing machine that you turn on before leaving breaks during operation, the leak detector will notify you. You do not have to run home and fear that the neighbors will be flooded. Modern branded equipment will serve you even when you are at home. Smart lights turn on when someone enters the room, and turn off when it is empty. A smart flower pot will water the plants on schedule, even if no one is home.

Best Home Appliances from 4Prototypes

Smart gadgets for sale from well-known manufacturers will serve for a long time and reliably. If you decide to buy smart devices, then you should start by buying a control center, to which all devices of the system are connected. It is with its help that scenarios of equipment operation are created and modes are set. Any product is connected to one center so that it can be controlled from a smartphone. All gadgets are easy to use, and the application with which you can manage them is even simpler.

Our online store presents original appliances and exclusive products for the kitchen. Among them, there are different types of smart devices: a teapot, a coffee machine and a cup, a multicooker, and an induction cooker.

The price of such devices corresponds to the speed and efficiency of their work, so you can be sure that you get reliable helpers for the home.

Indispensable gadgets in the house are devices that monitor temperature, humidity and air pollution. They are called weather stations. They can remember the temperature that suits you and adjust it automatically.

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Smart locks will interest those who love all sorts of interesting little things. They can be used for the front door, safe, bicycle. You can open and close the lock both with the help of a regular key, and using your smartphone. In addition, you can allow access to the castle and your friends by sending an electronic key to it.

If you want to equip your home with useful gadgets, contact 4Prototypes!

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