Benefits Of Water Filters In Our Daily Life

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As we all know water is essential for all the living beings to survive in this world. Without water, there is no existence of life. But this natural gift which is given by God to the living beings is now affected by some of the toxic particles. If they are consumed can even cause some dangerous diseases.

Water Filters

How can we forget the incident that happened in Japan? One of the chemical factories was opened in the city named Minamata. It was a very advanced factory. They released the waste products in the sea. These waste products included particles of mercury which is a very heavy metal. This waste was consumed by the fishes living in the seawater and they got infected. These results in deaths of many fishes and the remaining infected fishes which were consumed by the people of Minamata also resulted in the death of the humans or effected the nervous system extremely.

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This was a very big case which made people aware that they should install water purifiers at their houses and offices. And they should not release any waste product in the rivers or seas. This led to the emergence of water filters in the market. In earlier times when there was no such technique to filter the water. People used to store the water in copper utensils or big mud pots. Water was automatically filtered when the water was stored in them.

Even keeping water in them increases their nutrients level. These nutrients are very good for health. In earlier times, water was only having sand particles in it. So these ancient filters were successful. But now the water pollution is increasing day by day so there is a requirement of advanced technology water filters.

According to some study, it is believed that the water should be boiled. This process is convenient and time-saving. Groundwater contains many bacteria and viruses in it which can cause diseases like typhoid, diarrhea etc if consumed. It the water is boiled; the water becomes free from these micro-organisms. But boiling the water does not solve all the problems. Nowadays water can also have pollutants like nitrate, fluoride which are heavy metals. These pollutants are not removed if we boil water.

Today the water filtration system has become very complex. Following are the benefits of drinking filtered water:

1. Remove Heavy Metals

It is very common that the tap water is now contaminated with many heavy metals which if consumed can cause serious illness or even death. Though their concentration is very low. But if consumed on a daily basis can cause a big problem. So there is a need for strong water filter system which removes all these metals constituents from water and makes the water fit and healthy to drink.

2. Removes Tap Water Odour

With the increase in pollution, the tap water is exposed to the many chemicals and heavy metals which give it smell and taste that you can’t bear it. The potency of the odour depends upon the quality of water. If the water is having more pollutants in it then it will have more smell in it and vice versa.

3. Saves Money

If people do not install the water filters in their home, they have to purchase the filtered water which is bit expensive if we have to buy it on a daily basis. So it is better to make a one-time investment on the installation of the filter.

4. Less Plastic Footprint

Today’s biggest problem is plastic. This plastic is causing pollution in the environment. Even the packed filtered water is available in plastic bottles. It is very difficult to destroy plastic. Billions of plastic bottles are recycled every year which increases the cost. Government is making many efforts to control this problem. So we can also make a step in controlling this by installing the water filter system at home.

5. Decreases the Acid Reflux

If we drink the filtered water, it reduces the acid reflux in the body. As the filtered water alters the ph level of the drinking water. The filtered water neutralizes the acid level of the water that can cause an uncomfortable sensation in the body.

6. Improves Skin Health

Drinking filter water will lead to the improvement the skin health. As this water has improved mineral content which directly affects the skin positively. It removes the chlorine and makes your skin more glowing and healthy.

7. Improves Digestion

This water has an adequate amount of minerals in it which improves health. The consumption of adequate amount to filtered water will lead to the improvement in digestion which further will help in weight maintenance and weight loss.

8. Protects the Teeth

Sometimes tap water contains some constituents in it, which when comes in contact with teeth can cause damage to them. The filtered water increases the ph level which protects the teeth from any acidic attack and will prevent teeth from being deteriorated and demineralized.

9. Removes Dissolved Organic Contaminants

Basically the main water contaminants which harm the human health are heavy metals like nitrates etc. but the groundwater is also contaminated with many pesticides and drugs which are given to plants and ultimately goes in groundwater. These organic contaminants can cause hormonal imbalance. If their traces are high in the water and that water is consumed, it can also cause serious diseases.

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So it is better to drink filtered water. To keep yourself away from the pollutants in the groundwater. Aquafresh water purifier installation can be done to take all the benefits of drinking filtered water listed above.

Though there are many advantages of drinking filtered water, this system of water purification is not eco-friendly. It wastes a lot of water while the filtration process. And even this process takes a lot of time. So people should initiate, to not to waste the water which is removed while the process. They should collect the removed water and use it some other way like giving water to plants, using that water in cleaning purposes and many more. So stay healthy and save water.

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