Attorney vs Lawyer? Whom To Approach for Personal Injury?

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You might hear from your friends or watch ads and TV shows on how both the terms “attorney” & “lawyer” are used for each other. In the US, these terms may have become interchangeable. But, you should remember that a lawyer may not necessarily be the attorney although an attorney is always a lawyer. Even though both words can be used as synonyms, but they mean different things. There’s a difference between attorney vs lawyer, but variation means many state bar associations, particularly where looking in and prosecuting any unauthorized cases are concerned. Let us look in detail what exactly is the difference between Attorney vs Lawyer.

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Who are the Lawyers?

Lawyers are trained legal professionals in law. These professionals may provide legal guidance to people, or not. But, any person can be considered as a lawyer after they attend a law school. But, their skills being a lawyer will be limited until they pass a legal bar exam at the jurisdiction where they want to work.

Who are the Attorneys?

Attorneys are also lawyers. They’re the people who attend the law school and want to pursue and practice law as a legal professional. However, attorneys pass the bar exam as well as are allowed to practice law at their specific jurisdiction.

Signs You Must Hire Personal Injury Attorney

You might have to hire a personal injury attorney to represent your case because you have suffered some serious injuries, or legal rules implicated in your claim are complex. At times, some insurance company does not settle the claim in good faith. Suppose you were ever involved in the following kinds of accidents and suffered serious injuries, then you must contact the professional personal injury lawyer right away. For best personal injury attorney practice areas, check out Kinney, Fernandez, & Boire P.A.

You Have Suffered Long-Term Disabling Injuries

Suppose you have sustained some serious injuries in a car accident that may need long-term care and left you with some permanent disabilities, you must hire the personal injury attorney immediately. Only the experienced lawyer will be able to calculate how much the injuries are worth. Furthermore, finding out how the injuries can impact your earning ability with time will be difficult and needs expert help. To gain most from your personal injury claim, you require a professional lawyer who will pursue all types of compensation for the injuries or other losses.

You Have Suffered Major Injuries

The amount of compensation claim that you receive for the injuries highly depends upon how severe the injuries are. The insurance companies will measure your injuries severity by type of injuries that you have sustained, the amount of medical bills that you incurred, and the length of the recovery time. When the amount of your compensation increases, more likely you can reach the insurance policy limits of at-fault party’s policy. Suppose it is a case, the insurance company might just pay you the fraction on what you actually deserve. In such kinds of cases, you must hire a personal injury lawyer for ensuring that you get total amount of claim you are entitled.

Multiple Parties Involved and Liability Isn’t Clear

Suppose you got involved in a car accident where many parties were liable for your severe injuries, you must contact your lawyer immediately. When the multiple parties get involved in a car accident, the insurance companies will be complicated. As many people might be injured, there won’t be much settlement of money to go here. You can be a subject of claims from other parties, and having your settlement provide reduced or decreased to nothing due to your fault for an accident.

You must always contact the attorney in case you are injured in a car accident and at-fault for an accident. The attorney will help to protect you against the counterclaims & cross-claims by other parties that were involved in an accident.

Insurance Company Doesn’t Pay and Engages in the Bad Faith Tactics

At times, insurance companies just refuse to make a fair settlement offer and refuse to make settlement offer. Suppose you are not able to secure the fair settlement from at-fault party’s company on your own, and negotiations with your insurance company have also broken down, you must contact the personal injury lawyer.


Suppose you were ever involved in these scenarios discussed, you must contact the reputable lawyer immediately. Hiring a personal injury attorney is an important decision. Also, your lawyer may represent your case in the settlement negotiations with an at-fault party’s company and can do in court if you and your lawyer decide to file the personal injury lawsuit. You must ensure that the attorney is somebody you trust as well as feel comfortable trusting with.

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