What Exactly Is A Newverest Scratch Map And Why Do I Need One?

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Scratch maps are awesome. And Newverest only sells the best. But before we get too excitable, let’s talk a little about what, exactly, a scratch-off travel map is and why everyone who travels absolutely needs one. Basically, a scratch map is an interactive way to keep track of your travels.

scratch off map

Instead of snapping a picture you might only look at every now and again, a Newverest scratch off map is big, beautiful, and hangs directly on your wall. They have a World scratch map, including a kid’s edition, and also a USA scratch off map, including a kid’s edition and two deluxe editions.

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Every time you visit a new place, scratch off the outer layer of gold and reveal the brilliant color hiding underneath. It’s an amazing way to keep track of your journeys. At Newverest, every scratch map they sell ships in a sturdy gift tube that’s almost like a gift in and of itself. These tubes are beautifully designed, just like every Newverest scratch off map.

The best part though is, of course, the scratch map itself. Every scratch-off travel map by Newverest.com is artistic and beautiful. You can actually frame it and hang it on your wall. Or just use the adhesive stickers they give you with it; they won’t damage your scratch-off map or your walls.

You can use your scratch map to mark the journeys you’ve taken. Use the included pushpins to map out the actual route your plane took, or mark the highways that your car traveled. You’ll never be able to forget your adventures because they’re right there on your wall in front of you. And when you get home, you can mark your latest journey down so that it stays fresh in your mind. A Newverest scratch map is even better than taking pictures because you’ll be able to see your scratch map every single day. And you actually get to interact with it.

If you have kids, you can get them involved. You know how kids love to be hands-on with things, well this is their chance. Let them scratch off the outer layer and wipe away the residue with the enclosed microfiber cleaning cloth. Then let them search the world for the next great spot for their family vacation.

Newverest.com even has a scratch-off travel map just for kids! Each type of scratch map, World and USA, both come in a kid’s edition. They have a fun kid’s bucket list and animal cards with adorable pictures that you can use to get them excited about the things they’ll see. Spark their imagination, as well as your own.

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Every Newverest.com scratch map is premium quality, not like other scratch maps you’ll find. You can tell as soon as you feel the paper that it’s printed on that each Newverest scratch-off map is a truly unique work of art. And they include everything you need, from a scratch tool to microfiber cleaning cloth to gift tube. Stick with Newverest.com for your scratch map, and you won’t be disappointed.

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