How to Lace Vans?

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Vans have been the face of skate culture since the 1960s and have made its mark in the original street style, bloggers and high street. Vans, an American manufacturer based in California are more than just a logo of the skateboard and strapline. Here in this article, we will try to address the question of how to lace vans? There are various methods of tying vans such as straight-lacing, cross-lacing, zipper-lacing or you can style it in your own way. Knowing how to tie vans is not that difficult. You just need to find the one that best suits you and your style the best. Let’s understand the various methods of lacing vans in detail.

Lace Vans

1. Cross-Lacing Method

It is the most common method of lacing. So how to tie vans using cross-lacing, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Thread both ends of the shoelace through opposite eyelets from the outside-in, the left end through the left eyelet and vice versa.
  • Thread the right-hand side lace through the next eyelet on the left side, going over and down through the hole (be careful not to twist the lace).
  • Repeat the same with the left lace. Put the lace downward through the eyelet and bring it back up again once threaded.
  • Continue doing this pattern up to the desired eyelet. Few people like to leave a few eyelets empty for more room while others like a snug fit.
  • Cross-lacing signifies that one side of the laces will always lie at the top of the other. If the same pattern is reversed while lacing the second shoe, your shoes will be mirrored.

2. Straight/Bar Lacing Method

How to lace vans using straight/bar lacing? Well, it is a simple and ideal method of lacing shoes for a refined trainer look. There are simple methods you need to follow and it’ll give a good grip throughout the day.

  • First double knot one end of the lace. Now thread the left end of the lace downwards through the bottom-left eyelet and the right end through the bottom right eyelet.
  • Begin at the bottom eyelet of the shoe closest to the end of the foot.
  • Feed the left lace below the second-bottom eyelet on the left side and bring it up through the hole. This will hide the laces for a clean look.
  • Take the right lace and feed it through the third bottom-right eyelet from below. Keep the second right eyelet empty.
  • Now take the left lace and insert it down through the second bottom-right eyelet which is the empty one.
  • Both laces should be on the right side of the shoe. Now taking the right lace, one in the third bottom-right eyelet and feeding it up and across to the left side and down through the third bottom-left eyelet.
  • Repeat this on the other side.

3. Zipper Lacing Method

If you’re confused between straight lacing and cross-lacing, go for zipper-lacing instead. It is also a simple method and quite versatile between finishing knots. Let’s see how to tie vans using zipper lacing:

  • Start by tying one end of the lace in a knot. The knot will be an anchor for the lace so make sure that it doesn’t slide through the eyelets.
  • Now thread the other end of the lace through the bottom right eyelet from the underneath.
  • Taking this end across and over, thread it downwards through the bottom-left eyelet.
  • Bringing the lace under and across, thread it upwards through the second-to-bottom right eyelet.
  • Repeat this until the shoe is laced completely. Simply pull the shoelaces as tight as you like and tuck at the end of the lace.

You can even check the below video to see how to lace vans:

Final Words

So we just saw the basic methods of how to tie vans. Lacing vans is not a difficult job and you can always create your own designs with shoelaces. Hiding the shoelaces is what is commonly desired so that there’s no fear of tripping or the laces getting caught in a skateboard wheel or bike peddle. Always tie the laces tightly and then tuck them away so that they don’t show and are hidden.

Follow the simple trick- keep the face of the lace downwards through the last eyelet when you lace them. This makes it easier to tuck them away and it looks neater as well.

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