7 Best Manga Websites To Read Manga Online

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Manga is the most famous comic book in Japan. It is fun, entertaining and very funny books from Japan. They have a unique storyline, in-depth characters, and plots. They have a broad range of genres ranging from business, action-adventure, comedy, detective, mystery, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, etc. Manga is published in serial form and each series ranging from 20-30 pages. Manga is not like American comics which target only young audience but every person from every walk of life. It attracts people from all backgrounds in Japan. Though it is originated in Japan it is popular everywhere.

Manga Websites To Read Manga Online

People like reading Manga regardless of nationality, age, and gender. Many people choose Manga to read online because it is applicable to everyone. There are many sites which can be chosen to read Manga online and also for free. Here are a few sites which let you read Manga online and will help you choose which one is more suitable and better for you.

1. Mangafox

Mangafox is a free site and you get all Manga comics to read online. You can download Manga in various formats. Even if Mangafox is old you will not get any virus and is a safe site to choose. If you don’t want to download the book you don’t have to sign-up. It has all genres containing action, sci-fi, adventure, business, etc.

2. BookWalker Global

This is a paid website but it is 100% legal website. This is owned by a Japanese company called Kadokawa. If you want to avoid copyright issue then you should go through this web. There is free preview in this and you can check and download a book before paying for it. BookWalker also offers some special benefits such as free Manga booklets and coupons. Over a hundred titles arrive every day and it is updated every day with different comics.

3. KissManga

This is a free platform and this has the highest number of books in its database than others. You can find many Manga books which were not available at other Manga sites. It has high-quality Manga books online. It updates books daily. It is quite popular in all the huge countries and is used there. It is well managed and has a safe resource in the database.

4. Mangahere

Mangahere has a vast database and second most famous site around the world. It has more than ten lakh series in it. You can download any Manga book for free. Hundreds of high-quality free Manga online is available. You can also see the trending Manga series online. It is updated daily and everything is recent. Mangahere has a con though that it has adult content which is not suitable for kids, so kids need to be supervised while they are using this site.

5. Mangapanda

This also is one of the most popular sites used to read Manga online. Favorite Manga scans and online features are so well that it can help you find your favorite comics. The layout is quite simple and well laid out. It is simple to use and the layout is similar to MangaReader. You can find many Manga series here and it is used widely in many places.

6. Mangafreak

This is also a free source to read Manga online. It is popular in Japan and has an easy layout and is simple to read. It is a free source but you can read Manga only when there is in-built Manga. You cannot download any book from here.

7. ZingBox

This is an application which you need to download on the Android/IOS. ZingBox is an interactive platform and is user-friendly. It allows users to download comics or Manga content. The application is light-weight and fast. It is available on the Android play store. All these features make it the best Manga site.


These are the sites which are great and help to watch and enjoy Manga Comics. It is originated in Japan but it is enjoyed everywhere and used worldwide. Manga reading sites is quite easy to use and the layouts are similar to one another. These sites give easy access to comics and are legal and help you read and download them anywhere and everywhere. Happy reading.

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