Smoky Tomato & Halloumi Bake Recipe

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I recently returned from a holiday in Greece where all the food is really delicious. One of the stand out dishes that I ate while on vacation there was a baked halloumi and tomato dish with the smoky flavor of paprika. I am not lying when I tell you that I have dreamt about that dish since.

I was so happy when I came across a recipe for Smoky Tomato & Halloumi Bake on the recipe site. Reading the recipe description, it sounded exactly like the dish I’d tried in Greece. And looking at the gorgeous photos which accompanied the recipe made my mouth water. I had to try it!

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The recipe was so easy to follow with clear photos to guide me through every step of the cooking process. I started the sauce by sautéing onion, garlic, paprika and the quintessential Greek herb, oregano. I added tomatoes, sugar, and red wine vinegar and cooked the sauce for about 5 minutes before adding beans. I laid halloumi cheese on top of the sauce. Once the dish has baked in the oven, broil the cheese and serve garnished with parsley or coriander. You should have seen the look on my face when I took the first bite – I felt like I’d been transported back to Greece!

baked halloumi and tomato dish

If you are looking for a delicious vegetarian dish inspired by beautiful Greece, then this recipe for Smoky Tomato & Halloumi Bake from is a must-try!  It transported me all the way to Greece the minute I tasted it. Make it and allow yourself to be transported too.


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