Solar Power for Homes: The Benefits of Solar-Powered Homes

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Have you been weighing the pros and cons of installing a solar energy system for your home? If so, you’re probably wondering if the benefits of solar panel installation are worth the cost. 

While we understand that your initial solar panel costs can be in the thousands, there are countless reasons why this expense is worth your investment. However, we don’t just expect you to take our word for it and immediately spring for a new solar system. 

Solar Power for Homes The Benefits of Solar Powered Homes

We’re going to tell you why you should make this choice. Take a minute to read why solar panels for homes are a good investment for any homeowner. 

No More Energy Bills

First, did you know that homeowners pay an average of $115 a month on electricity? That’s almost $1,400 a year. 

By switching to solar energy, you can get rid of your electricity bill for good. In a handful of years, you can completely balance your solar panel costs with the amount of money you save on energy. 

Additionally, some power companies will even buy excess energy from you. If you produce more energy than your home uses, you can sell it for cash or credits. 

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No Dependency on City or County Energy 

One of the best things about solar power for homes is that it allows you to disconnect. You will no longer be reliant upon city or county electricity. This is ideal for people who live in remote areas or don’t want to deal with fluctuating energy costs. 

Being off-grid capable also makes you immune to power outages and blackouts. If the power goes out in the immediate area, you won’t be affected. You can continue working, watching TV, etc. 

Excellent Tax Credits

If you enjoying doing math, you’ve probably already done some calculating based on the costs of solar panel installation versus the savings. However, one thing you probably haven’t accounted for is how much money you can get back on your taxes. 

By claiming your solar panel costs on your next tax return, you can potentially get 20% of your initial costs refunded. This is the government’s way of saying “Solar energy is a good idea and we applaud your decision.”

Smaller Environmental Impact

Finally, people who invest in solar power for homes are taking a powerful initiative that benefits the environment. Burning fossil fuels, while efficient for producing energy, is destroying the planet. 

Burning fossil fuels creates harmful greenhouse gases that are slowly eating away at the earth’s ozone layer. As a result, more of the sun’s harmful UV rays are penetrating this protective shield. This is leading to rising global temperatures, dying species, and destroyed habitats. 

If you’re interested in doing your part to reduce our impact on the environment, check out Blue Raven to learn more about the home solar installation process. 

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Is Solar Energy for Homes a Good Idea?

Now that you know more about the benefits of solar power for homes, is it the right call for your house? Do you think the benefits are worth the costs? You already know how we feel about it.

Before you go, browse through some of our other home improvement articles to find more valuable insight. Our blog was created to provide readers like you with the information you need to make sound investments and good decisions. 

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