Stunning Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

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Have you finally decided to give you hair a different hue? Confused about which shade would go right with your hair or if the brown shade would suit your skin tone? Don’t worry as we got you covered!

Light Brown Hair

Light brown shades are like not a blonde at all but nor the dark brown shade. Or sometimes different shades up in your brown hair can make the game. Also, your hairstyle is important when you keep up the color game strong! Celebrities out there are also kicking up and trying out different styles and colors. And especially experimenting with the brown color has been one trend going around.

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  • Darken up the root: Dying your hair needs a lot of commitment and you are not just ready for that! Or maybe you like it half or half. If you are looking for less hassle, go for the Dark Roots style. Just let the root part of your hair stay natural and below part, go as you like!
  • Warm-Up: If you ask us, who owns this style? Straight up, Mandy Moore! The perfect balance of cool and warm tones over her hair in just perfect style. Also, if you have hair that gets curled up at the end, this style will suit you the best.
  • Before Blonde Hair: The lightest shades of brown just after the blonde. Yes! Just a yellowish tan or known a the color known as ‘fawn’. Keep it down in a slight cool tan completely undertone and you are good to go.
  • The mixture of Gold and Brown: Hands down this is one of the best and the most popular hairstyles in today’s era. A hind of golden between brown or the perfect mix. Looks adorable s well as classy.
  • Light to Blonde: This is for those who DO want a hint and hue of the blonde shade along with light brown color. This hairstyle comes down as subtle with smooth transitions on its way. Perfectly balanced with beautiful locks this hairstyle looks pretty on girls.
  • Natural Undertone: This hair shade is kind of like the first one but more of recommended for the ones who have short hair. Keep the root part of your hair dark but create a beautiful contrast as you go down. The lower could even be a light blonde too.
  • Chocolate Hue: If you have dark chocolaty hair then giving it highlights with light brown will give it a velvety soft touch. Hot dark chocolate color mix with blonde caramel sound yummy and look relishing for hair color too!
  • The Cider Style: This hairstyle gives your hair a glossy and healthy look. Put just the right amount of warm tones balancing it right dark ones to get the nut-brownmane hairstyle. This hairstyle helps you show a gorgeous amount of volume.
  • Rose Brown: Light brown color with a hint of peach color? Sound right! This shade of hair color starts with a dark shade over to the root site with a mixture of a metallic peach color with light brown. The right amount will give you a beautiful texture especially in wavy hairs.
  • Fire In Your Hair: This hairstyle gives us the “Hunger Games” movie vibes. Mix a tone of brown color in a lighter shade with a touch of natural red color. This hairstyle gives of warm style and is pleasing to the eye.
  • Smoky Hazel: Best suitable for medium length hair. This hairstyle gives an ash image because of the smoky hazel touch. Between your dark brown hair gives streaks of the light brown and golden touch.
  • Tanned Up Undertones: If you have uneven tresses then this hairstyle is best suited for you. Wavy hair you can add a hint of light brown color with a hint of golden between. Spice up your brunette hairstyle with touches of different brown shades by keeping it light in between.
  • Golden Copper Highlights: If you have watched Hannah Montana movies this one is a kind of like that. If you want your hair to shine out in a crown and you have long hair, then this one is highly recommended. Light brown with a warm touch is diffused in this hairstyle.

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Get a professional hydrating shampoo and a conditioner to preserve the vibrant texture and shine. This will also ensure that the ends of the hair do not get dry and broken.

Check this video by Sam Vay where she explains how to changes her hair color from Black to Light Brown Hair Without Bleach (L’Oreal HiColor HiLights – Ash Blonde):

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