The Complete Guide to HGH For Sale

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Are you familiar with the human growth hormone? This natural hormone, secreted by the pituitary gland, is in charge of growth as well as the regeneration of cells.

The Complete Guide to HGH For Sale

Owing to its muscle-building benefits, numerous bodybuilders have started using the synthetic version of this hormone as a bodybuilding supplement. HGH products are believed to aid muscular hypertrophy, speed up muscle recovery, stimulate fat loss, strengthen the immune system, and improve bone density.

Nowadays, numerous online stores, such as provide customers with a variety of HGH products. However, before purchasing one, you need to be familiar with its effects, dosage, and potential side effects.

Here is a complete guide to the human growth hormone as a bodybuilding supplement.

Crucial benefits

Muscular hypertrophy is doubtlessly one of the greatest benefits of taking HGH, as it stimulates the biological process of protein synthesis. During protein synthesis, the body produces new proteins as a replacement for the muscle tissue that was damaged while exercising. As a result, this drug aids muscle growth and it gradually increases muscular strength.

Muscle recovery is another key benefit of using HGH, which is essential after strenuous workouts and sustained injuries. While training, you aren’t building new muscles, but destroying the already existing tissue. Therefore, recovery is indispensable for muscle growth, during which the tissue regenerates. By inducing protein synthesis, HGH is responsible for speeding up recovery, thus helping bodybuilders to become stronger while resting.

Fat loss is yet another advantage of the human growth hormone supplement, particularly for gym enthusiasts interested in commencing the cutting phase. This drug triggers lipolysis, which refers to the breakdown of fats that are stored in the body. HGH not only aids lipolysis but it promotes weight loss and an increase in lean muscle mass as well. For quick results, you can use it in combination with an anabolic steroid like Deca Durabolin.

The immune system is of great importance for everyone’s well-being, acting as the protector of the body against all types of viruses, bacteria, infections, and illnesses. A strong immune system is vital for avoiding common colds that might disrupt your bodybuilding routine.

Anyhow, HGH is known to improve the function of the immune system by stimulating the production of T-cells. The greater the number of immune cells, the stronger your immune system. Click here for other helpful tips on improving your immune system.

Increasing bone strength is among the most significant benefits of using HGH, as strong bones are vital for withstanding an increased muscle mass. The human growth hormone is in charge of bone growth as well as of the secretion of IGF-1, otherwise known as the insulin-like growth factor 1. Both hormones improve bone density, which bodybuilders need to prevent fractures.

Apart from assisting the physical well-being, this bodybuilding supplement has a positive effect on users’ cognitive function and mood. The increased production of endorphins contributes to having a positive attitude towards your bodybuilding routine, which is as important as your physical strength. Additionally, HGH improves sleep quality that affects your stamina and endurance. Bear in mind that fatigue isn’t the best companion of physical activity.

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Dosage and cycle length

There is a variety of HGH products on the market in the form of pills, oral sprays, and releasers. Regardless of your choice, you need to determine the optimal dosage and cycle length so as to avoid potential side effects.

Moreover, beginners are supposed to use an HGH dosage that ranges from four to six international units (IU) per day. Once your body adapts to the drug, you can gradually increase its amount to an optimal point. However, make sure you use no more than fifteen IU daily, as high doses cause liver damage. Doses above ten IU require the use of insulin to reduce the risk of diabetes.

In terms of cycle length, newbies are advised to take the drug during a two-month period, while more experienced bodybuilders use it for three to six months. Dosage should be proportionally reduced in accordance with the cycle length. You aren’t supposed to take the same daily dose of the first two months during the last months of the cycle.

When used as a stand-alone drug, HGH doesn’t require users to do a post cycle therapy. Anyhow, a PCT is obligatory when stacked with anabolic steroids. The length and type of post cycle therapy will depend on the potency of the anabolic steroid you choose.

Potential side effects

Despite its numerous benefits, users are likely to experience possible side effects when misusing this product. For instance, HGH is believed to increase LDL cholesterol levels, which are extremely harmful to cardiovascular health. An increase in LDT cholesterol might lead to strokes, clogged arteries, and heart attacks.

Perhaps the most common side effect of using HGH is the bloated stomach and swollen body organs. Due to water retention, you might experience swelling in the limbs and face. Anyhow, the swelling is eliminated once you lower the dosage.

Liver damage is another common adverse effect that results from the increased production of IGF-1. This hormone is being subjected to liver synthesis, thus causing the liver to work harder during the process. Additionally, bodybuilders run the risk of developing gynecomastia, which refers to growing larger breasts.

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Wrap up

This product might finally provide you with the body transformation you always wanted.

Don’t hesitate to make a purchase! 

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