Why Love Is the Most Important and Beautiful Feeling?

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I’m probably not mistaken in saying that love is the most mysterious feeling. But it is also the most important and beautiful feeling. But how does it work, why is it so important for us?

Love Best Feeling

Mystery of Love

Money, power – the goals of men in the modern world. By love, we often mean only a physical need. People have become like robots, and the slightest manifestation of feelings and emotions seems ridiculous and naive to them. Spiritual values ​​are dying.

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But there are still people who have not lost the ability to experience such feelings. And glory to those who experienced love – because it lifts to the heights of life. Love has many faces: it gives and takes away, captivates and disappoints, remains faithful and betrays us. It can be invisible and all-conquering, capable of burning passions in a volcano, causing pain, suffering, and torment.

Sometimes it’s hard to restrain your emotions and feelings, and sometimes you do not have enough strength to admit that you love. You can’t find the right words for your loved one or are ashamed of your words and hide your eyes. It also happens that you love an unworthy person and you agree to live with them in difficult living conditions all your life.

Perhaps you endure all this because of the lack of an alternative, because of need, or just so that children do not grow up without a father or a mother. You fool yourself with the fact that this is also love. Why does a person suddenly think that without another they can no longer live, nor breathe? Why do we seek to get so attached to someone? There will be an understatement in any answer that you get.

Love has one of the most beautiful and great secrets. I consider love to be the main thing in human relations. And one of the main reasons for it is because there are so many poems, ballads, legends about love. If it wasn’t so important to us, why would we sing and write about it?

Love has so many faces, some of us want something eternal and strong, others just want to live their lives picking up cougars and having fun. No one is wrong in this, as no one can define love and make everyone obey their rules.

Love is happy and unhappy, joyful and bitter, flying in an instant and lasting forever. Most of all I like to read about eternal and faithful love. Maybe you just want to believe that at least something bright is left in the world. Quite often, others do not accept and even condemn those who believe in love.

“Fools,” they say, “why love, suffer, worry if you can live peacefully and carefree.” They believe that one who sincerely loves sacrifices themselves. Perhaps these people are right. But they will never experience happy moments of love, as they are cold and insensitive.

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The Joy and Pain of Love

Since science does not give a definite answer to the question “What is love?”, but offers many alternative opinions, I can only give my own personal opinion to you. I don’t claim it to be the ultimate truth. But it can be useful for many people wandering around looking for an answer.

Love brings both joy and pain. Sometimes the pain is so deafening that the ringing and echoes of this love can sound until the end of your days. Every moment in life, every little thing can remind you of this pain caused. Probably the worst thing in love is the bitterness of pain and resentment, which some cannot forgive.

Or an unwillingness to give up their personal ambitions and ideas about love. But the pain received at such a price is the most insightful knowledge of life. This, in my opinion, is the instinct of salvation. Ignorance, in one way or another, destroys, and knowledge – builds.

To survive, a person can destroy their own kind, obeying a feeling of hatred as an instinct. But in order to survive, they save their own kind, obeying love as their main instinct. Even compassion is not something that you learn, but instinctive. Every feeling, whether hatred or love, is born in us against our will.

Final Words

Therefore, human life is initially tragic, as if split in two. And if it does not pass in the struggle with others, even blood relatives, then it becomes a struggle with itself. The exact answer to the question “What is love?” will be sought after by mankind for the rest of our days, but we are unlikely to find it. There are approximately as many answer options as we all live on Earth because each answer is individual.

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