50 Funny WiFi Names

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Every Wifi networks have got different names and it is called as SSIDs or Service Set IDentifiers, these names can easily be seen on your laptop or computer and with this, you can also look at the nearby networks you can connect to. So, the point here is, people can see your wifi name and there is some kind of pressure to select some cool name for the network! You can change your name requirements as per your location, interests, and who you think is connecting – and your friends will like to see different types of names. In this article, we have come up with some very different and funny Wifi names that appear cool. We really hope our list of Wifi names inspires you & you select something very unique and funny to add in the sense of humor.

funny wifi

It is very important to note that depending on the setup limitations, you can find some special characters such as question marks aren’t allowed in the wifi name. But, there is nothing to worry at all! There’re many different ideas on the list, and when you really like something, you still can get the message across without any punctuation.

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The moment you come up with the new router, you get an opportunity of giving it a cool name that you can use to identify in a list of other signals. You can go the boring way and give your network some standard name or can entertain your neighbors just by using some funny WiFi name.  To change the name, you just need to log in the router by your browser. Generally, you enter the string of numbers in your browser URL. You will find it by looking on its bottom of the router or just searching on the internet for the router brand.

Coming to the point, we have scoured the Internet tunnels to bring some top 50 alternatives to liven up your wireless network. Looking for some great suggestions and best Wifi names that can amuse (confuse) your neighbors? Here are the top funniest WiFi names designed ever.

  1. God is MY Rock
  2. Please Come Back
  3. Pretty Fly for Wi-Fi
  4. LAN of Milk N Honey
  5. Prohibited Area
  6. Series of Tubes
  7. Go Gadget Internet
  8. The Promised LAN
  9. Mom, Click Now for Internet
  10. WI-FIght An inevitable?
  11. Wi believe I can Fi
  12. Get Your Own net Bro
  13. Router? Do I know her!
  14. Look Ma, No Wires!
  15. Network Not Found
  16. 2 Girls, 1 Router
  17. Mom Use This
  18. Bill Wi, Science F
  19. Silence of a LAN
  20. Call Me Any Time
  21. Password is shhhhhhhhhhhhh
  22. 404 Network Unavailable
  23. Hide Your Kids or Hide Your WiFi
  24. Come to Clean my house
  25. Martin Router King
  26. LAN Before Time
  27. Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  28. LAN Solo
  29. House LANister
  30. Ping’s Landing
  31. Winternet Is Coming
  32. Ping in the North
  33. LAN Down Under
  34. Drive-By WiFi
  35. Planet Express (automobile hotspot)
  36. Darude LANstorm
  37. Bill Clinternet
  38. 99 problems, and WiFi ain’t one
  39. DHARMA Initiative – Station (for all Lost fans)
  40. Wireless-G Spot
  41. Please Connect for the Identity Theft
  42. Net starring Deepika Padukone
  43. Y No Get WiFi?
  44. I Pronounce it Man and WiFi
  45. Keep it on Download
  46. Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!
  47. Will You Marry Me
  48. Very slow internet
  49. This isn’t Free
  50. Salman-ka-fan

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How To Select the Clever and Funny Wi-Fi Name?

No matter whether you choose to go with anyone of SSIDs above or you want to try something else from your own creation, you will find some important guidelines to consider:

  • Do not include any personal information like real name, apartment number, address, birthdate, and more.
  • Look for unique and memorable ones.
  • Avoid any provocative SSIDs that may make the network the prime target for the hackers.
  • Do not make SSID related to network password.

The Bottom Line

If you take these tips to heart, you will not find many network security issues to worry. And suppose you are thinking of hiding SSID to keep the hackers away, do not bother—even though SSID is not getting broadcast, and others still can find this using the packet sniffers or probe requests.

Enjoy! Let’s know if you get other amazing ideas and new Wi-Fi network names.

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