How To Select The Best Goggle For You?

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Sunglasses are a major summer accessory. With sunglasses, it is easier to see on a sunny day, whether in water or out on the road. Wearing sunglasses also keep ultraviolet rays from causing long and short term eye damage. Accumulated UV exposure from the sun can cause or lead to cataracts, blindness growths like pterygium, and various kinds of eye cancers.

Best Goggle Based on Face Shape

Only a few hours of strong UV exposure can cause temporary blindness called photokeratitis.  Although anyone can suffer these conditions, children and people having light-colored eyes should be very careful as their eyes are more susceptible to damage from the rays of the Sun.

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Important Factors To Consider When Buying Sunglasses-

  1. 100 Percent – The most important thing to look for when buying goggles to protect your eyes is the tag or sticker showing that they block a hundred percent UV rays. Most of people don’t bother to check whether the lenses protect the eyes from UV light.
  2. The Bigger The Better- The sun damage on the eyes is less if the coverage from sunglasses is more. Buy wraparound style glasses or oversized glasses which will help in cutting down on UV rays entering the eye from the sides.
  3. Dark Lenses Don’t Protect Better- Very dark lenses look nice but they don’t block more UV rays.
  4. Colour Is Not Important- In the market, sunglasses come in Amber, green, or grey lenses. They can increase contrast but do not block more sun, it may be useful for sports people who play golf or baseball.
  5. Polarized lenses reduce glare, not UV- Polarization cut coming off reflective surfaces like pavement or water. This does not protect more from the sun but make activities like driving or on the water safe and enjoyable.
  6. Cost Doesn’t Matter – To work well sunglasses don’t need to cost a lot of money. Pairs marked as 100% UV blocking may be less expensive but just as effective as costlier ones.

Perfect Sunglasses To Fit The Face Type-

1. Round Face –

rectangular, pointed, and Square glasses.

 Cat ‘s eyes glasses.

 Butterfly glasses

With narrow bridges



2. Oval Face-

– smooth lined frames: rectangular, round, oval

Butterfly glasses


Cat’ s eyes glasses

3. Square Face-

Large glasses

 Frame width equals the face width

Colored frames

Oval, round or teardrop-shaped frames


Cat’s eyes glasses


4. Rectangular Face –

– Large frame glasses

Aviators with large frames

Round framed glasses

5. Heart-Shaped Face-

 Round glasses

Narrow bridged small frames

Low set arms



Frameless glasses

Bright or neutral-colored frames

6. Triangular Face –

Round glasses


Cat’s eyes glasses having transparent lenses

Frameless glasses

So when you are in a swim team, you will always experiment with different kinds of the goggle. From the obvious benefits to keep the water out of your eyes, goggles give UV protection and allow you to see more effectively. Driving in the sun with no sunglasses is a brutal practice of furnishing yourself. There are many companies which manufacture high-performance goggles like- Goodr Donkey Goggles, so knowing the brand and style that suits you, you can get the goggles of your choice.

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Check out this video on “Choosing Best Glasses For Your Face Shape” to get some idea on choosing the right piece of frame for your face:

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