Why You Should Give More Importance To Customer Onboarding Process?

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Customer Success isn’t just restricted to one area of your customer lifecycle, and neither it is limited in helping them to stand up and run or save from churning later. Instead, when the company has got Customer Success as the operating model, they will see each aspect of their customer lifecycle and customer journey milestone equally important.

Customer Onboarding

What’s Customer Onboarding?

User onboarding or customer onboarding is a nurturing process, which gets the new users to get acquainted with your brand or product. The best customer onboarding plan involves complete tutorials, support, guidance, and even milestone celebrations when the customer attains success by your solution.

Best Practices of Onboarding

Information you collect about your users during your marketing or sales processes can carry over in an initial stage of customer onboarding. Uniting the three can give you a high chance of providing the best onboarding experience. Always remember that when you have many touchpoints with different prospects, all your customers have just one impression. More you will treat your user interactions as the holistic experience, better it is for your brand. Following best practices may need information from your customers and can help you to create a solid experience for user onboarding.

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Know Your Customer

You must know your users’ persona that can naturally translate in knowing your customer. You need to understand every unique obstacle, challenge and pain point that the customer faces, and their perfect outcome and solutions. This information can help in tailoring their onboarding goals and experience.

Set Right Expectations

Before buying any product, the customer must know what you need to expect. The sales process must layout qualifying factors when using any product. And this practice must carry in onboarding procedure as you repeat the value your product offers to your customers as well as prepare them for the potential setbacks and sticky points.

Show Them the Value

Before any new customer gets thrilled about your new product, you have to reemphasize its value for their special case. You can give them specific examples like how your product can address their challenge points. You must include the personalized touch here.

Have Constant Communication

After the initial welcome message, use email throughout your onboarding process in order to complement in-app guides and tutorials. At this stage, email is your customer’s frequented communication mode. Using CRM systems such as MS Dynamics 365 can make you efficient to manage and maintain customer relationships, track sales leads, marketing and pipeline. When the product gets indispensable, you may count on them for signing on their own and view any in-app notifications.

Make Customer-Centric Goals

The customer’s goals or metrics can be different to their particular situation. Let them define success, and help them to create the measurable milestones and get there with the benchmarks and hit along your way.

Look to Impress

Your aim with each interaction is creating a similar positive experience, which made your users sign up for the product in the first place. You need to deliver the stellar performance, which your customers can rave about as well as share with others.

Who’s Responsible for Your Customer Onboarding?

Customer or user onboarding does not actually rest on the shoulders of any personal department or member. Whereas you might have somebody in the leadership who owns or is accountable for the onboarding, you are possible to have the multiple teams that are involved to ensure greatest success.

This can include:

  • Customer service to offer insight infrequent problems or questions that are addressed for future customers in an onboarding process.
  • Technical support, offering advanced documentation, knowledgebase information and training to make your customer’s self-support procedure smoother.
  • Marketing to create content in different channels and media.

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Helpful Customers Onboarding Tips

Besides best practices, there’re some things that can make your user onboarding practice the positive experience for the customers.

  • Break down everything – Disseminate information selectively and slowly. Just ask the new user for accomplishing just one task and give clear details on how you need to do it.
  • Make this the personalized experience – Every customer has a different set of concerns. More you may tailor your solution according to their needs, easier it can be to achieve the wins.
  • Celebrate small wins – You need to acknowledge each milestone along your path to the customer-defined success for encouraging the continued relationship.
  • Stay with your customer each step of your way – Stay available to your users if they ever get stuck and have any trouble. It can make the onboarding experience better as well as allow you to know where your plan falls short.

Wrap Up!!!

Much of this customer onboarding process will be automated. Customers can expect automation, and that is good. Do not disregard the impact and power of maintaining the human connection. The follow-up call or quick chat makes your customers feel wanted and valued because somebody took out the time to know them.

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