All You Need To Know About Steampunk Art

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Steampunk, if have to put it in a gist, it is Victorian science fiction. Here Victorian does not mean a specific culture but rather references a time period and anesthetic. It is now firmly established in the art scene, enjoying mainstream respect at exhibitions and festivals all over the world. Steampunk is an art, fashion, and culture movement inspired by the industrial revolution. A steampunk imagines a future where technology never expanded past steam engines and tesla coils.


Steampunk combines imagery from the industrial era with Victorian art and design with futuristic concepts like a robot and Al. There were ultra-modern throwbacks and it invoked romance and brought delight to the imagination. Steampunk was a literary genre which was a subset of science fiction. Steampunk encourages inventiveness over historical accuracy. Modern technological devices are modified electric guitars, laptops- computers design elements and processes. Steampunk artwork incorporates found objects mostly Victorian-era re-imagined as art objects.

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Materials Used

Most prominent material is metal with brass, copper, steel, iron, and other industrial metals incorporated into jewelry, sculpture, and paintings. Wood, fabric, and glass was also commonly found in the art. Many artists combine industrial machinery with natural elements like animal skins, bones, etc.


Steampunk explores the nature of art, science, and technology and has a satirical, dark view of the future. Many artists explore various themes of form and functions. They are objects of art in their own right way and they might be made with objects that once had a function and is remade and modified to have a new function.

It has a unique style and can be made a satirical take on modern technology like a computer having typewriter keys. Basically steampunk artists imagined a world in which Victorian-era fashion existed in the modern world. They imagined using computers and cars with cogs, steam, and gears.


Steampunk has gained a lot of popularity. It is much more than literature but now there are video games, television shows, and movies. The steampunk philosophy combines Victorian-era optimism with modern creativity and reliance. It is a mix of science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction. The inventiveness and innovation of steam power in this era is the basis of Steampunk.

Where does Steampunk come from?

It was a pun referring back to his earlier sci-fi book “Cyberpunk” There was a famous quote used relating to steampunk which said that “What the past would look like if the future happened sooner”

Steampunk Today

This is seen in many places nowadays, even in movies, TV shows. The theme is heavily based on old industrial photo style with rivets, metal, and steam. Sherlock Holmes was a movie inspired by Steampunk. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Wild Wild West is a great example of Steampunk imagination. This is a group of people who push the boundaries of creativity and function. It requires highly creative people because of its free spirit and artistic work. There are a number of Steampunk fairs and exhibitions around the world. Many people are drawn to it because of the aesthetics of the time. The Steampunk community despite being a rebel one has very warm and friendly people.

Steampunk is a Victorian-style fashion that has been picked up from science fiction. In the Victorian era, the technology was unique. Craftsmanship was very important. There were no assembly lines and everyday things were adorned with intricate patterns and textures. Everything was very customizable and could be changed or adapted to a specific purpose.

It’s a way of giving our personal technology a goth makeover. Like using an old brass and wood telephone receiver to answer your iPhone. The main takeaway from the movement is a protest against the advancement of technology and a return to more analog technology.

You can also get Steampunk into home décor. There is now furniture, clocks, lamps, and a number of other home accessories that were inspired by Steampunk look.

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Steampunk uses five elements namely, The retroelement, the fuel element, the contraption element, the wood and copper element, and the romance element. They use these elements and make art which inspires people and brings great creativity on board. Steampunk feels real because it originates from a place of truth and that is why it is so popular.

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